Re: A sudden change of direction

By my count/stats, if you’re a regular reader of this sorely lacking blog, you are one of maybe five people (Hi, mom). So thanks for being here!

For 2019, I want to take a different direction and just write stories. There are a lot of little memory triggers I’ve noted lately that I want to explore more and flesh out into actual short stories. These are just things that all weave together into the person I am, and I’d like to have them on record for later on when I’m too old to remember them and my kids want to know who I was as a youngster, twenty-something, and a young mom. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, it’s that time is accelerating, pulling on me, and – occasionally – pulling me underwater.

It is my hope that the things I write in my 35th year will not embarrass me down the road, but as most writers will tell you, we often find ourselves ashamed of past work. For example…please do not read blog posts on this site from prior to like…2014…

So in 2019, I will be posting short stories without a lot of framing, and – unless otherwise noted – these are true-to-life and pulled from memory.

Thanks for being here! I appreciate all five of you more than you know! 😉

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