Part III: This song + _________

Songs and places. This is not a new connection. But here they are, just for the sake of having some of it written down.

America’s “Horse With No Name” + Lake Marion (SC)

This is such a weird song (which is really key cause if you know me, you know I dig weird). I mean really, the lyrics are so nebulous and off-beat that you just KNOW someone wrote it while on a major acid trip. But for some reason, ever since I was just a little girl, I have associated this song with my dad and Lake Marion (I promise my dad does not do psychedelic drugs). I really don’t know why I have this strong association with this song, but I guess it’s rooted somewhere in the late 1980s or something. For one thing, it’s another tune that was in my dad’s regular rotation of things he could play on his guitar. For another thing – and I honestly do not know where this comes from – it makes me think of being on the lake, soaking up the sun and shaking the Lowcountry sand out of a beach towel. And I’m talking about the first family lakehouse, the one that had (shit you not) an outhouse with a moon on the door, and a long dock that had yet to be destroyed by Hurricane Hugo – so yeah, a throwback. But regardless of the reason, this song just puts me in a zen, calm mood and makes me feel warmed through to my soul – just like those breezy July days on the lake.

Which is good, cause then there’s this…

Jimmy Eat World’s “Night Drive” + Complete Self-Loathing and Romantically Driven Hatred

This song from Jimmy Eat World’s ’04 “Futures” album strikes right to the core of something that still affects infuriates me years later. You see, apparently I’ve always been that girl that had a sign on her back that read as follows:

 “Pretend to be someone you’re not. I’ll see – and believe in – the best in you (even if there’s none).”
Really, it’s tons of fun, ‘lemme tell you. And I’m totally not bitter about it years later, SEE?!

But this song, both musically and lyrically, pretty much nails how adversarial those types of relationships are from the get-go, and how you always end up hating the other person. Always. Every time I hear this song (which isn’t very often, because it’s no longer even remotely popular and I don’t exactly seek it out for regular listening pleasure), it makes me feel oddly empty and relieved, all at once. Here’s a sample of the loveliness (with some artistic license on my part, in italics):

Now’s the right time for a good song
Got something to say what I can’t…(iiiiis that possibly because you’re emotionally crippled?)
Do you feel bad, like I feel bad?… (you don’t feel bad)

It’d be easy if you get mad
But three fingers point back to you… (logistically confused? Hint: She flipped him the bird)

Hit me, I can take your cheap shots (she’s too violent for you anyway, you patsy)
Leave you with the love we made… (that’s not love, moron, it’s just hate-sex…go look it up)
Doesn’t he sound like a nice guy? Hey, Guy(s) I Know Who This Song Is About: Yes, let’s hide behind song lyrics because you are intellectually incapable of expressing what you really think about something.

*stops* *ponders* *lightbulb clicks on*

Oh wait, I have a better idea!! Why don’t you just save the world the trouble of you possibly procreating and opt for a blow-up doll instead? Do something good for humanity. Or then there’s this cliff you could jump off, also. Maybe a Mack truck you could *accidentally* wander in front of?

Gotta love that part about “Three fingers point back at you” (referring to the moment when she shoots him the bird). Truly the words of a sociopathic jerk who doesn’t even want to acknowledge his own shortcomings/lies/failings/outright deceptions/etc. *sigh*

*grits teeth*

Now, granted, this is a lusty song and great for a make-out session (preferably at night, during winter, in a car, if you really want to be respectful of the song). And it’s totally possible that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but DON’T take that as me apologizing for the Mack truck comment. I meant that. Moving on…

(Stay tuned for Part IV – hey, brevity isn’t my strongest point. Deal with it.)

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