So I’m not alone?! Whew…

I would say this happens every year, but really it’s only happened for two years now since Russ is really only sixteen and a half months old. But I always wonder how people stay so calm about pregnancy tests and all things related to it. Oh, hold on…

NO, I’m not pregnant. Someone always asks me that after I post something related to pregnancy, babies, etc. I’m not pregnant, at least not to my knowledge (and you know I would tell). It’s just that I’m a mother of a toddler, surrounded almost constantly by friends who are pregnant or have recently been pregnant or would perhaps like to be pregnant at some point…ugh, you get the idea. Truly, I DO realize that this is tedious mind-numbing to a large contingent of the population:

“Geez, congrats, you peed on a stick!” (Actual comment I read on a YouTube video similar to the one I’m about to shamelessly post.)

Apparently there is really this thing taking off where people take pregnancy tests and post the results and their reactions on YouTube for the entire world to see. It could go either way, you know – it could be a cute bonding opportunity for moms of the same age and all that. Or it could be a good way for us to release one more aspect of our lives to complete strangers. Bah humbug. It doesn’t bother me, long as it’s not 14 year olds posting themselves taking pregnancy tests.

Anyhow, it was around two years ago at this time that I was in the early stages of my pregnancy with Russ. I didn’t post the pregnancy test results on YouTube because we didn’t even know we were supposed to film the stinking thing. What? Nobody told us…

BUT…if we HAD filmed it, then this girl totally nailed it with her reaction to her happy pee stick moment. (Credit: ThisPlaceIsNowAHome,

This is totally what I did. To the letter (okay, maybe a couple err four extra letters…a few times over…while stomping around the living room in disbelief/joy/shock), this is what happened. And I think it’s really sweet, honestly! No really, I am a pitiful SAP for this kind of stuff.

Will we ever record and post a pregnancy test result for future children? I’m going to venture a guess that we won’t. I don’t film well, especially not when I’m doing my ugly cry. But you know, seeing this adorable video that I randomly found in a Good Morning America clip about the “WombTube” craze (of all places) took me back to where this crazy journey began.

Russ is a lot more work now than he was when I was busy growing him in there, or when he was a little newborn who only pooped, ate, and slept all day. But he is so much doggone fun, and so much love and joy to us, even though we’re not sure what the heck we did to deserve him. It’s nice to see stuff like this and be reminded about the moment when life began to change and it wasn’t all so simple anymore. Not to say that my life was “simple” because I didn’t have kids – believe me, in a lot of ways, it was way more complicated then. But things started to come into focus at that moment, and it’s been an evolution ever since. I get to run around the back yard with him now, and we can read books and sing songs, and he actually has words! He can answer questions! He’s starting to put two or three words together into full sentences!! That’s friggin’ AMAZING!

But really, it is. How we get from being a collection of cells to what we end up becoming, I will never understand. Except to say God’s gotta be behind it. I don’t agree with some peoples’ versions of God (Hello, Westboro Baptist Cult Members), sure. But THIS God – the guy that brought Russ, the most precious person I know, into existence? He’s pretty great.

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