Pinterest Tutorial for Newbies

A couple friends have said they were interested in Pinterest and wanted to know how to get started. Here’s a quick primer to get you going:

  1. Signing In: You can either create a new Pinterest Account or use your existing Facebook or Twitter account to log in. HOWEVER, first, you must go to the homepage and click the “Request an Invite” tab. You’ll just enter your email address and your invite will come in usually just a few hours or less. We’re not sure when Pinterest will go from Invitation Only to freely signing people up, but this may be set up this way to deter spambots and similar junk machines from clogging up the site.
  2. Once you get your invite in the email, click the link in the body of the message and start setting up you page. You can add a profile photo from your hard drive, your name or a screenname (whatever you prefer), your location, and some other information.
  3. Now that your account is created, you’ll have a log-on “homepage” of different images that people you know (or in some cases, don’t know) have pinned. It will look like this:
    1. Now, to start your boards. To start a new board, click the link at the upper right hand corner that says “Add+” and choose the option “Create Board.” Then fill in the name of your board (“Recipes to try,” for example), the category for the board, and whether you are the only person who can contribute to it or not. This way, say if you’re planning a party with a friend, you can work on a Pinterest board for your menu together and both contribute. But in most cases, you’ll be the sole contributor.
    2. To pin an image you find on the site, just click the upper left hand corner of the image where it says “Repin” and choose from the drop-down menu of your existing boards or, if you like, create a new board for that image.
    3. When you pin or repin an image, make sure you don’t keep the Facebook box at the bottom of the pin pop-up clicked all the time, unless you want every single thing you pin to show up on your Facebook profile.
    4. If you find something online elsewhere that you want to pin, or if you have an image of your own that you’d like to pin to a board, upload the image or use the image URL (web address) from websites to add it. To upload the pin, click the “Add+” tab at the upper right hand corner again, and this time choose the “Upload Pin” or “Add Pin” tabs, depending on whether you’re uploading or simply adding from a website. Be sure to use both the image URL for the image itself and the website URL from the website it came from, so that other Pinterest users can access the same information. This is especially useful for recipe and DIY tutorial Pins, so that other users can access detailed directions for those types of projects.
    5. To delete a pin or board, use the “Edit” button on them to delete them. The edit function is also used to change text, URLs that have expired (if you want to keep the pin and can find an updated URL), Pin or Board category, etc.
    6. If your Pinterest account is tied to your Facebook account, you can easily find people to follow using the drop-down menu under your name at the far upper right corner of the screen where it says “Find Friends.” You can also use this to invite friends to the service.
    7. If you have your settings arranged in such a way, your email will be notified when someone starts following your boards. Some may follow just one or two boards, some will follow all your boards. To change those settings for what and how much you get emailed, go to the Settings tab under your name at the upper right hand corner of the screen, then click “Notifications.”

If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments section. Happy Pinning!

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