Thanksgiving Update

This will be quick, but there’s plenty to update going on at the Wilhoit house. Like pretty much everyone else, my week has been sort of consumed by thoughts of cooking and grocery lists upon grocery lists upon grocery lists.

But this morning, I have something else on my mind. Just a week or two before I found out I was pregnant with Russ, I found a pea-sized lump or cyst on the back of my neck, kind of just back behind and under my right ear at my hairline. My dad has one in the exact same place that recurred after he had one in the same place removed at age 12 or 13, and my mom has had multiple cysts removed from her neck and breasts. Jonathan has them, too, so not only will I always have to keep an eye on these things, but my kids will too. Overall, the chances that it is anything worrisome are slim to none, but as a mom, it’s been eating away at me nonetheless. The thought of anything ever threatening your ability to be here with your child/children is always a scary thing to consider, so I’m going into the dermatologist today to have it looked at, along with another spot on my neck where a mole looks to have changed just a bit. Like I say, it’s probably nothing, but I’ll be a teensy bit nervous until I hear the doctor actually say “It’s fine.” That’s just how my anxious brain works sometimes, I guess.

My dermatologist is a gregarious Greenville figure with a pretty big following (to my understanding anyway), and always gives me a laugh with his jokes. He has told me on a number of occasions, basically, that I have the type of skin that can get by with only coming to see him every two years, whereas Jonathan needs an appointment pretty much every year (he’s already had a few questionable spots removed before – whew!). But I go every year, usually with Jonathan, just to be on the safe side. Like a lot of Southern gals, there were several years where I irresponsibly shunned sunscreen in favor of slathering myself in baby oil and frying like a little piece of bacon. Sure, a tan minimizes cellulite – but I’d rather be alive with cellulite than dying of skin cancer. My late friend Andy Caress (a college athlete and avid outdoors enthusiast) fought a valiant battle against skin cancer and sadly passed away about two years ago, and knowing someone – someone my age, someone I went to college with and saw almost every day on campus – really pushed the important of sunscreen home for me. I will be coating myself, my husband, and my children in sunscreen for as long as my fingers work, and I’ll do it in Andy’s honor.

Anyhow on to better topics!

I’ve gotten some feedback from a variety of people on my previous blog, the Theory of a Deadman hazing over their woman-hating song. I’m going to say the feedback has been almost 100% positive and makes me feel like most people – thankfully – do not share TOADM’s penchant for objectifying women! That said, I really hope people know that my “vent sessions” are about 40% joking, 60% serious. I use a lot of hyperbole and a lot of sarcasm, and I hope that always comes out in my writing – but if it doesn’t, and something I say seems “off” to you, please tell me! My point in a lot of these blogs is to, well, make my point – but also to elicit some laughter and make light of the nastier things in the world. I just don’t want to give the impression that if you do something that I don’t like or agree with, you’re immediately going to have a mean blog written about you, because I’d never do that. Well, that is, unless you were a politician or a band or something like that. They’re just such easy targets! *wink*

Anyhow, Turkey Day is nigh, and my procrastination is not waning one bit in the face of this national holiday. I have yet to make the macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (did I mention my family likes carbs?), glaze for my already finished dark chocolate bundt cake (a few crumbs fell off and I ate them and yes, this cake is amaaaaaaazing), and a green pea dish with bacon and some other stuff. So it’s going to be a busy day. To top that off, there is a pair of boots at Target that I have a $5 off coupon for and really, really might be going to get.

And to top it off, the back glass of the car just got busted out by a falling tree limb. Like, literally 20 minutes ago. *sigh* Gonna be a busy one.

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