Tonight was going well. I haven’t blogged in a week and a half or more, but that’s because there’s been a lot of different stuff going on. The master bathroom went kaput (small pipe = BIG leak), so there’s been that to take care of. Russ’s molars are coming in, which is not fun, but we’re getting through it alright. We’re looking towards Thanksgiving and then a long spurt of travel for Jonathan (err…not really looking “forward” to that). Then of course there’s Christmas and a New Years trip to Mississippi to see my nephew get married (it feels crazy to say that – I remember when he was born).

But I had one of those moments a few minutes ago where something happened that completely reduced my faith in humanity, and I became so frustrated and flat-out angry about it that I felt compelled to get the poison out of me somehow. So here I am. All political crap and this entire idiotic thing aside, what upset me here was the last, oh, about 15 seconds of this video (so you can skip all the stupidity if you like). Take a look at this:

Is that really an element of what we consider “comedic” these days? Dead children on a playground? I get the larger political statement Daniel Tosh is trying to make here, but I guess the image of a mother holding a dead child after a playground shooting just affects me on a cellular level. I can’t shake the (literal) feeling of nausea is gives me. You know, Tosh is one of those people I really kind of hate to be around – you know, the ones that make fun of things by saying really terrible, offensive things as a form of satire of other really terrible, offensive people. Because you know…they’re totally not being offensive by using that same line of “humor.” Ugh. It’s exhausting to be around people like that. I know those morons think that this somehow puts their brand of comedy a step above all of us plebian fools who appreciate “dated” concepts like keeping some things in life a little big sacred. But I guess if that makes me an idiot, it’s a label I will gladly accept. I know it’s not true. The sight of a dead child is never funny. It is not fodder for amusement. It is not in any way acceptable.

If this is what people really find to be funny these days – again, I’m talking here only about the last 10-15 seconds of that clip, and that horrible image that made me literally recoil in disgust – then I am at a loss. And we are on our way down as a species.

There really should be some things in life that are off limits, folks.

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