Knockin’ this one out

OK, this thing is getting tedious. I’m just gonna knock it out in one post so I can move on (what, I’m not going to quit with three days left).

Three Films:

  1. “Forrest Gump” – My favorite movie of all time. For one thing, my dad reminds me of a much higher-IQ version of Forrest (but with pretty amazing stories in the same vein). For another thing, I just think it’s a beautiful story that travels through recent history. As a character, Forrest teaches us that sometimes, it’s not about how smart you are or even how successful (though the character certainly was) – what really matters is character and devotion to others. For his empathy, loving nature, and unspoiled optimism, I really love Forrest. I would name my next child Forrest, but Jonathan has ruled this out. Hmph.
  2. “Gone With The Wind” – I am a cliche. Go ahead, make fun of me.
  3. “The Philadelphia Story” – No, not the one where Tom Hanks plays a guy with AIDS (though that is quite a film), this is the one where Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart both are vying for the attention of an engaged-to-be-married Katherine Hepburn. The humor is so clean and yet so gosh darn cute and funny. I really love Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. They had such a quirky chemistry on screen.
Two Songs:
  1. “Ansel and Emily Desader,” Blitzen Trapper. This song is just beautiful and simple and amazing. There’s this sort of waterfall of guitar midway through that only lasts about 15 seconds, and I wish they would just go back and record a separate piece of just little guitar things like that. Other BT songs I love include “Black River Killer” and “Lady on the Water.”
  2. “The Fragile,” Nine Inch Nails. How could I ever pick just ONE song by my favorite band? But I’ll say this one because it was the soundtrack to a few major struggles in my life, and I felt like I sort of closed the chapter on those things back in late ’08/early ’09. So, it’s not “my song” so much anymore – which is a good thing – but whenever I hear it, I’m left really thankful that those things are behind me. Other beautiful and under-appreciated NIN tunes would be “And All That Could’ve Been,” “La Mer,” and “In This Twilight.”
One Picture:
This was taken by one of my best friends, Kristen Johnson. The date was July 4th, 2010 and I was 30 weeks pregnant on this date.

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