My Thoughts on "Occupy Wall Street"

This is one of those instances in which people really begin to hate me, because I’m a complete “fence-sitter,” politically speaking. When it comes to the Occupy Wall Street movement, I’m pretty middle of the road, common sense, back-to-basics, etc. And I think that really, really deeply pisses some people off – which is FUN!

First of all, I’ve never been so tired of hearing the word “Occupy.” It’s honestly not one of my favorite words, linguistically speaking (along with “squat,” “pleasure,” “moist,” “nipple,” and pretty much anything that ends in “-wurst”). You could say I’m sensitive to harsh combinations of consonants.

I don’t know absolutely everything about Occupy Wall Street’s intricacies as a movement. But I think I know enough at this point. So, here’s what I have to say about it and then I’m gonna be done:

  • People have a right to assemble and protest, at least on a portion of properties (though we know that doesn’t always work out the way it is supposed to). These include people who defecate in public, “christian” groups harassing people in downtown Greenville while handing out pamphlets (not common, but it does happen), and slimebags like the Westboro Baptist Church. I don’t like a lot of these people any more than you might, but the bottom line is that our constitution is written to protect them.
  • If protesters have problems with keeping in accordance with normal anti-littering and environmental health laws that should consistently be enforced, that changes things a little and should be addressed directly. The right to assemble and protest does not nullify other laws for the common good, such as those that would prevent leaving enormous messes, trash, litter, human waste, etc. slewn about haphazardly. Not saying this happens at every single OWS protest site, but it is a well documented occurrence at a significant number of OWS sites.
  • I am unemployed by choice. Let me just get that out there right now. I made a decision to resign from my full-time, very well paying job, so that I could stay home with my son. I realize that this may and likely will affect how easy it is for me to get back into the work force when I am finished having children – it isn’t a fact that I like to think about. But my place, right now, is home with my baby and future babies. That is where my heart is, and you better believe it’s a full-time job. I do contract writing on the side, and I enjoy it, but the money is minimal and that’s okay.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of choice in all of this. Throughout the OWS protests, news outlets have interviewed protesters saying they have degrees in ____, or they work in ____ field. Sometimes you have to get creative, or face the fact that a majority of those with non-specific degrees often end up working in fields other than what they majored in. By “non-specific degrees,” I mean those who have not attended something like medical school, law school, etc. – those not in specific fields with specific concentrations/educational paths. If you have a B.A. in English, a B.S. in Marketing, a B.A. in sociology, etc.: I’m talking to you. If you can’t find a job IN YOUR FIELD, you still need a job don’t you? Sometimes we have to accept that OUR path isn’t going to work right now, and it forces us to make some temporary concessions, or to accept that our will doesn’t direct the path of the entire world. I have a B.A. in English Literature and I wanted to be a newspaper journalist. Guess which industry is currently being snuffed out as I type? You got it. This, friends, is how I got into marketing. It’s called backing up, regrouping, and accepting that the Universe has a different place for you. For the minor percentage of OWS protesters complaining about job scarcity, I agree with you – there aren’t many jobs out there. But there are jobs. If my family’s well being depended on it, you’d better believe I’d swallow my pride and go to work in a restaurant, or picking up trash, or whatever the hell I needed to be doing in order for my kid to not starve. Thank God that’s not a concern at this moment. But if it ever became a concern, you’d better believe I’d do whatever I needed to for a job – even if it wasn’t in my “chosen field.”
  • For those in the OWS movement who are protesting government corruption – a surveyed majority, if CNN is correct – they’re basically right. These people – these “leaders” of ours – are the biggest douchebags I have ever seen. I wish someone would have pulled me aside when I was a teenager, dreaming about adulthood, when “people would be nicer / more mature / have better character” and said “IT’S NOT HAPPENIN’, SISTAH!” ¬†Because seriously, the best thing for this country would be if they all just *happened* to buy some Listeria-contaminated cantaloupe. Just sayin’. But then we’d do nothing differently, because as a country of voters, we are complete and utter morons. You hear me? I said MO-RONS. And this idiocy starts at the primary level. In a primary contest between a financially conservative used condom, a to-the-right-of-Hitler conservative turd sandwich, and a moderately educated, intelligent guy with real world business experience, the very first guy American voters (on EITHER side of the aisle) would weed out is the third guy. You know him, because he’s the one many of you won’t even consider because he’s not 100% ideologically in step with you. Well that guy could potentially save the country. But instead, every four years, we restart the process of electing another friggin’ used condom or turd sandwich. So, yeah. OWS is just stating the obvious on that one: our politicians are nasty, disgusting, corrupt, TERRIBLE people. How do we fix this, you might ask?
    • Term limits
    • No pensions for retired congressmen
    • Politicians who want a retirement plan pay into it just like me, you, Tom, Dick, and Harry all have to – because that’s the real world.
    • Anyone with suspected corruption (i.e. dedication to a corporation’s objectives) is suspended from service pending results of a through investigation, and removed from office if corruption is proven.
  • The OWS thing wouldn’t be such a bigfrigginfuzzy deal if two things would happen: if people outside the movement could glean some of the good points of what these people are saying (like the opposition to government corruption, which is clearly a problem at every level from township to federal), and if people inside the movement would shower, crap in normal places, and stop throwing things at cops. Oh, also…
  • I don’t care if you have the right to legally assemble and protest. If you throw things at police officers who are allowing you to do your thing, you should be tear gassed to hell and back. This is not open for discussion.
God, some people are tedious. Give me the patience. And thank you for making me a moderate.

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