Day Four: Seven Wants

Ugh, I hate talking about stuff I want. Sometimes. So I’m going to just go super broad with this and pull from a variety of categories. So again…no particular order/importance here. After this post, I’ll take Fri/Sat/Sun off because we’re heading to Tennessee for the weekend. Pick back up Monday to finish it out…

Seven wants:

1. More kiddies! I love them! Not trying to gloat here, just stating my personal experience. I had a really great pregnancy with very minimal discomfort/worries, a pretty easy birth that I highly doubt will repeat itself (seriously, I’m expecting the next one to be a DOOZY), and a little boy that is about as easy as a new parent could ever hope for. Or maybe I just don’t know any better because he’s my only one? Anyhow, I’m not one of these people who’s all “Meh, meh, my baby is such a bother, negative, whahwhahwhah.” So, I definitely look forward to having more children, God willing, when our family is ready (or whenever one of those sneaky swimmers finds an open window – whatever happens first).

2. A big, functional kitchen. I love to cook, and looks are secondary when it comes to my hypothetical future kitchen. I want it to be pretty, yeah, but first and foremost, I want it to be functional. And big. And capable of accommodating a big group of people. And durable. All those things.

3. Good kids. Ya know,  don’t care if they’re rocket scientists. I don’t care if they decide that they want to do yard work or hair or cancer research or theological philosophy, etc. I just want them to be good people. With good souls. That’s really all that matters to me. I know I have my work cut out for me with the world we live in and the people that are sure to find them along their journey (especially in their formative years), but I’m a pretty fierce mama and I’m going to protect them as much as I reasonably can. I just hope Jonathan and I can work together to equip them with the tools they need to do right.

4. To get back to writing like I used to. I was a much better writer when I was miserable, unfortunately. I started a book at the end of 2009, and it was looking like it had potential until I got pregnant and my life officially revolved around what was going on in my uterus. So, I’d really like to relocate some semblance of writing talent in myself and try to make something of it. I’d really like to not hand my kids a printed book of blog posts as my only written life’s work.

5. A fully-restored, baby blue, 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser. Oh, it’s so not “green,” but it’s SO FABULOUS! This is the vehicle my dad had when I was a baby/toddler. We have pictures of me, sitting in the suds bucket while my dad was washing the car (I’m such a helper). If I ever track those pics down, I’ll scan and post one (they’re at my parents’ house for sure). I don’t underestimate the process or expense of tracking one of these things down, so I don’t know if it’ll ever happen. But it is nice to dream.

6. Happiness. Doesn’t that kind of say it all? I just want to be happy – with who I am, where I am, the people in my life, the things I do and the choices I make. And for the most part, I already am – so I’d just like to see that continue.

7. A better world. Oh, don’t laugh at me. If I’m the only one in the world who’s happy, it won’t mean very much, now will it? I would like to see children treated better, educated better. I’d like to see teenagers making better choices. I’d like to see parents keeping things in perspective and dedicating themselves to a reasonable set of priorities. I’d like to see families staying together through thick and thin. All these things and more would make this world better. Are they realistic? Probably not. But I still want them.

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