Day 3: Eight Fears

And I’m making this one quick, because I have two to catch up on – then I’m pausing the series over the weekend because we’re going to be gone, and because it’s just not *THAT* pressing to do five blog posts at once.

SO! Eight fears…ugh…no particular order:

1. A massive asteroid/comet coming and car-ram-rodding our planet. Yes, I’ve seen all the movies about it. Yes, I know they’re “fictional,” mostly. Yes, I know that tens or even hundreds of Near Earth Asteroids are located each year. Let’s just say I’m not too keen on the fact that we spent more money exploring a planet I do not freaking care about (Mars) than we do working on spotting these bad boys.

2. Nuclear war. Probably not extremely likely in my lifetime, but then again, who knows? Just doesn’t make me very comfortable.

3. Cockroaches. They’re disgusting, and yes, they do bite.

4. Something happening to my son (or any future kids we have). Seriously. If something ever happened to Russ, I really, truly, completely believe I would have nothing left to live for. He. Is. My. World. Every hope, purpose, and effort I have is poured into that little boy. If that makes me short-sighted to some people, then whatever.

5. Something happening to Jonathan. The only reason I would keep going in this instance is because of our child, who would need me more than ever. And I get this thing from my grandmother and mom where we sort of tend to run through worst case scenarios in our heads, whether they’re likely or not. I’ll tell you one thing…I probably wouldn’t ever bother dating again. There’s just no way that something like him could happen twice. So it’s kind of like Keith Urban says in that song – “Without you, I’d survive; But I’d have to have the notion that I could live this life just going through the motions.” That’s what it would be.

6. Cancer. All kinds of cancer, really. And the crappiest thing about this is that there’s a statistically decent chance that it could happen to me or someone I love one day. I just hope when and if that day comes, I’m in the right place at the right time and the right head space and I can feel that something isn’t right – and hopefully catch it early because of all those things that fall into place. But I know a lot of people that didn’t happen for. So it’s all up in the air, or rather, in God’s hands.

7. Financial Collapse. Eh…I really try not to pray about money, because it makes people say, do, and think stupid things. But I’d like for the world to remain at least semi-stable so that my husband doesn’t lose his job, we don’t ever lose our home, my kid doesn’t starve, etc. The big stuff, so to speak. If I can afford the bare necessities, then that’s a blessing.

8. Losing my rights. Now this could become a debate, if not for the fact that this is my soap box and I get to delete any one who doesn’t agree with me (Mwahahaha…you know I wouldn’t do that). I think the Constitution is pretty straightforward in some ways, and open or interpretation in some other ways. What’s odd is that most people use the straightforward parts to play Forensics, while they act like the very gray parts are “So clearly meaning to say ____ (insert their personal interpretation).” Interesting, since people do the very same thing with the Bible. This is probably one of the reasons that America and Christianity both get a bad rap. In any case, I think you should be able to drink what you want, read what you want, and say what you want. I also think there should be consequences when your wants overrun into affecting the lives, livelihood, and well-being of others. Your rights end here. Right where mine begin. What the hell is so confusing about this?

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