The look of the blog has changed yet again, but that’s not really the kind of change that this post is about. That said, aren’t the peonies and lace so pretty? I’m not traditionally a huge fan of the color pink, but I love this background.

No, the changes that are happening at our house are of the bittersweet variety. Russ is 10 1/2 months old now and it’s really starting to hit home that my “baby” is quickly being replaced by my toddler. It’s certainly not a sad thing – just bittersweet, like I said. When I look back and realize that just a year ago, I was 34 weeks pregnant and starting the cycle of baby showers that blessed us so bountifully as we anticipated the arrival of our baby. Russ is walking. Russ is talking – a little bit, anyway. Garbled, messy vowels and consonants that are actually starting to be recognizable as words now (“Dog,” “Daddy,” and “Ma-ma” are his mainstays right now). Russ can finally flip on and off the light switch that he’s been hungrily eyeing for several weeks now. It just doesn’t seem right to me that a year can go by so fast. When he was a newborn or even before he was ever born, I “knew” he’d grow up, though. When I think of some families who lose babies in utero or who lose very young children, I can’t be sad that Russ is coming upon his 1st birthday. He’s so healthy and so smart and so…just wonderful. But change – every day brings a new thing with him. I’m loving every moment, but when the moments seem to fly by so fast, you can’t take too much time to write about them. Besides, I have a birthday party to plan…

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Yay for birthday parties to plan! Boo for Russ turning into a toddler… I quickly realized in the nursery the other day that my days of holding and loving on Russ are very limited!!!


  2. I know, I'm not thrilled that he's growing up so fast. The baby stage goes by so fast! But he'll still be quite “baby like” until he's 2, and then he'll probably still be sort of cuddly and lovey til he's what – maybe 3 or 4? I hope so, anyway! Maybe that's wishful thinking – haha!


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