Vacation Pics

I finally got a few more up! At some point I will actually download all of them (there’s like 400) and post to Facebook, but I’m gonna leave these to do most of the talking.

OK. For starters: I am not someone who thinks of themselves as being particularly gorgeous. So let’s just be clear on that right now (ya know, in case you see the picture below and think “Oh, well look at Miss Thangy Thang Thang in her polka dot bikini). But at the same time, this body I have is capable, strong, and able to carry and birth and nurse and nourish and cuddle a precious little boy and is therefore, well, pretty freakin’ awesome. So I feel far different about my body than I might have, say, 10 years ago when all I knew was that my thighs weren’t as small as Miss America’s and that even at my skinniest, I probably still outweighed some of my peers (I’m 5’9”, y’all. I can’t be blowin’ away in the wind). No, I don’t care about that crap anymore. Since I had Russ, I’ve been super efficient about my workouts (I love being active, but don’t have time to do more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time), but I really haven’t been dieting at all. I eat chocolate, I drink margaritas, and I bake. A lot. And I can outrun most women and a whole lot of men, too. Basically put, I’m doing okay, and I feel like I’m in a great place physically, as unimportant as stuff like that honestly is. But I’m not going to rep all my new mom sisters by covering up in a one-piece and being all embarassed about having a couple of stretch marks. That’s not living. So, here’s the bikini photo. Have at it.

Look how beautiful my baby is! And look how gorgeous his granny is! That’s what “pushing 60” looks like in my family, y’all. Eat yo’ heart out.

My two guys! Love them. 🙂

 My niece Jill, Russ, and me on the end of the dock. Loving. Life.

I love this picture. Especially my dad’s face.

Fourth of July at the Lake – always a great time. Can’t wait to do it again soon!

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