About the Kitsch


Kitsch (English pronunciation: /ˈkɪtʃ/, loanword from German) is a form of art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style of art or a worthless imitation of art of recognized value. The concept is associated with the deliberate use of elements that may be thought of as cultural icons[1] while making cheap mass-produced objects that are unoriginal. Kitsch also refers to the types of art that are aesthetically deficient (whether or not being sentimental, glamorous, theatrical, or creative) and that make creative gestures which merely imitate the superficial appearances of art through repeated conventions and formulae. Excessive sentimentality often is associated with the term.

Well, yeah, that sounds just about right to me. Anyone who knows me really well has probably heard me lament my current kitchen. As a first-time home buyer a few years ago, I was well aware that we were going to make some mistakes – it’s just par for the course when you are in such unchartered territory. As my friend Jen put it the other day, “I don’t know enough to know what to ask.” Well, that was me and Jonathan. So when we walked through our house, emotions took over and we forgot to do simple things like stop and consider the traffic on the road beside the house (which is typically very quiet, but can be a little aggravating around 5 pm on weekdays). We didn’t know to consider that the kitchen cabinets might look like enough…but weren’t. Embarrassing as it is, we didn’t even open the cabinets and look inside when we viewed the house. We’d seen so many places at that point that they were starting to blend together, and frankly, we just didn’t know any better. With just under two months before our existing apartment lease was up, we felt rushed and anxious – in the offer went, bidding war (prompted by dishonest realtor representing the seller) ensued, and our property cherry was unceremoniously popped, without so much as a cuddle afterward.

Don’t get me wrong, our house is really great in a lot of ways. But the kitchen just has never worked for me. I’ll get it the way I want it for a month or two, but then I realize that it needs further tweaking. Given that we’re going to be in this house for a few more years before we attempt to sell it (which is kind of a pipe dream in the current market), it’s time to get working, because this family of ours isn’t getting any smaller (that’s not an announcement of any kind, by the way!), and the space we have isn’t going to work any better for us.

So, here are some inspiration pieces for the kitchen I want to put together…(yay, show and tell time!)

 I am a HUGE fan of open shelving in kitchens, especially when it makes good use of vintage and thrift store finds like the Jadeite and Pyrex pieces I either already have or want to try to find for a good price. Like the “Drippings” holder below…HELLO, that’s awesome!

 I’m becoming a little obsessed with vintage Pyrex. I’m interested in a few specific patterns, like the Gooseberry (above and below). Gooseberry comes in pink, aqua, and yellow. I scored a full set of the “Cinderella” nested mixing bowls in the Gooseberry yellow (4 in a set, though these pics only show 3) seen below. I’d love to find pieces in the even more rare pink or aqua patterns at some point. Pyrex is great stuff – it lasts for decades (50-60 years or more in many cases), it still affordable, and if you’re a little suspicious of plastics, it’s a far cuter substitute and heats/cools like a dream. It can go from freezer to fridge to oven to microwave to dishwasher without missing a step.

 I’m also keeping an eye on some new and modern pieces that just look classic and aged. I don’t want a bunch of uber-modern, new stuff, and honestly, I’m not put-together enough to pull off anything but an eclectic sort of aesthetic anyway.

Cute, right? I think so.

OOOOH, there’s MORE!! Lookie lookie what I found at Williams-Sonoma.com. I think I might be in domestic, kitchen-y loooooove. These beauties are coming home with me.

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