Oh wait, she’s not done talking?!

Nope. Not done.

A quick post:

I want to expound briefly on the subject of my last post, the Breastfeeding Awareness PSA video. It was at a baby shower at church the other day that several moms and moms-to-be discussed the rampant hate-mongering that happens amongst and between moms who breast- or bottle-feed their babies. As someone who has been breastfeeding for 8+ months now (and who is simply trying to make it to her son’s first birthday – ya know, just in case you thought I was planning on nursing him straight to kindergarten or something like that), I don’t get the hatred amongst mothers. My sisters/sisters in law all bottlefed their babies and they have the healthiest children you can imagine. They have the most loved children you can imagine, as well. I know this is purely anecdotal evidence, but – bottom line – love, care, and concern for your children is dictated by an overall investment and effort you put towards them. Not by how you choose to feed them. So many women have extenuating circumstances – from health conditions unrelated to their pregnancies, to infections, to serious birth complications (life threatening ones, even), to premature infants who simply do not have the strength to nurse and who need to gain weight quickly)…you see my point. Now, I’m not going to tell you I don’t get frustrated when I hear someone say “Breastfeeding is gross and I’d never do it and my baby went straight to formula because breastfeeding is weird,” or some similarly ignorant statement. That really aggravates me, for a variety of pretty obvious reasons. And I do think that breastfeeding has some benefits that I’m glad to have had – Russ hasn’t been sick yet, I’ve lost all my baby weight plus an additional 7 lbs. or so, and we’ve never had to spend a dime on formula (which is Ca-raaaaaazy expensive, I’m told).

So that’s my basic stance on that: Everyone has to choose what is best for them, and as long as I don’t feel like people are choosing bottlefeeding simply because they think there is something inherently wrong or Oedipal or whatever with the boob, I could care less. For me, breastfeeding is the best choice. But every parent has to choose their own path and has their own challenges to contend with. Let’s stop acting like people just left their baby in a hot car in the Walmart parking lot just because they are or aren’t breastfeeding.

In other news…

I have the cutest child ever. I was pretty sure of it before, but now I am convinced. As evidence of this claim, I submit:

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