Had. To. Repost.

I found this on a random blog (written by Emily Hunter McGowin, whom I do not know from Adam, but whose blog I happened upon while looking up info about that stupid Beyaz commercial I harped on awhile back) and absolutely haaaaaaaad to repost it because it’s just freakingamazingandmindblowinglygreat. And no, it isn’t National Breastfeeding Awareness Month – actually, I’m pretty sure that’s in August or September because I recall it being very late in my pregnancy when it happened and anticipating the challenges and horrors I’d been told to expect with breastfeeding. Here I am, eight months later, and I’m proud to say that I’m still nursing Russ several times a day, on top of his normal solid foods that he seems to really enjoy. He has been a pretty easy baby, sure – I haven’t had a lot of challenges to contend with like him being sick a lot or having acid reflux or even being premature. I’ve been SO lucky…but at the same time, don’t think it was easy. Learning to breastfeed was a real educational process and, as Bethenny Frankel once said, “Breastfeeding is about coming from a place of yes.” Well, it is. Anyhow, check this out – it hits on so many points about the benefits of breastfeeding, and does so in a funny, cheeky way that I just love.

If that doesn’t say it all, I’m not sure what does.

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