Post-Mothers-Day Update

The Mother’s Day weekend was a great one, though I guess my last post would’ve indicated that we got a bit of an early start on it. I’ve been making my way through that Tina Fey book whenever I have a moment to pick it up, and my nasal passages are completely cleared out after spewing water out my nose several times while reading. She’s beyond hilarious. I don’t know if I’m just flattering myself, but Tina Fey and I have quite a few things in common. We both received those super awesome Modess “My First Period” kits from our mothers during our preteen years. We both have worked in community theater (clearly, her career is doing a bit better than mine). We both have pear shaped bodies, brown hair, and dads who are complete bad asses. I think she and I would get along, but I have to say I would let her do almost all the talking because she’s a freakin’ riot. I’m loving the book.

Friday night was the Swamp Rabbit 5K, an event sponsored by Greenville Hospital System (Greenville Memorial is where Russ was born). We loved GHS and felt happy to be able to come out and support the organization. I can’t say it was the best organized race I’ve ever done. It was Jonathan’s first 5K and of course, Russ’s first race ever (he did it in the stroller, obviously). Jonathan pushed him along and made very good time considering that it was an obstacle course of sorts. Poor guy, he might as well have been a mobile home trying to get down the Los Angeles freeway at rush hour. There was just no way to get through the crowd.

Now, allow me to be a bit of snob for a moment because Lord knows, I don’t do the snob thing very often. People: if you’re running a 5K, great. If you’re walking a 5K, though, please do not get in the queue at the start line that is clearly marked for “7-9 minute miles,” “9-12 minute miles,” etc. You are not walking a 7 minute mile, friend. And also, if you’re one of those people who thinks it’s acceptable to talk on a cellphone and text while you’re walking (in the 7-9 minute mile queue, no less), please go locate the nearest whiffleball bat and smack yourself upside the head a few good times. Good grief. It’s really not that common for me to look right at someone and call them out when I’ve never met them, but I did have to get right in some girl’s face after she nearly caused a people-wreck during the first half mile and yell “GET OFF THE PHONE!” After she got the exact same scolding from a couple other runners, she started yelling and cussing us all out. And then she went right back to her very, very important conversation. She was a smart cookie, let me tell ya. Finally, I think it is great when people run these kinds of events with their kids. But for those with families, please take the opportunity to start teaching your kids that “slower traffic keeps right.” This is a message that generations of mall walkers and highway drivers alike seem to have missed, and I think it’s sort of ridiculous. My husband and I shouldn’t have to go offroading on the side of the course to get around groups of kids and parents spread out 7-wide across a two-lane road. People are high, I swear.

So, yeah. We were definitely running on pace for a sub-30 minute 5K, but it ended up taking longer than that because we were just running all over the place trying to miss all the craziness. I don’t know if we’ll do the race next year, for that reason alone. If we do end up doing it next year, we’ll definitely let the grandparents keep Russ and just run it sans stroller.

As if we hadn’t already punished ourselves enough, we stuck with the plan to go for a hike on Saturday morning. Now that, we did leave Russ with the grandparents for. We’re not taking any chances with all the rocks and streams and animal sightings. We did the Rainbow Falls trail, and I discovered that – despite being in better shape than I was even before I was pregnant – my memory is going. It might as well have been the first time we’d ever hiked that route, because I kept anticipating things far too early and wondering where the heck certain landmarks had gone. The thing I realized about hiking is that you never hike the same trail twice. The trail is a natural setting, but it’s also constantly evolving. Just one downed tree or one week of heavier rains can completely alter how it appears, even if you’ve hiked it 10 times before.

Once we got past the hike, we realized we’d covered well over 22 miles in the past week or so. So we slept and rested, and just generally took it easy after that. On Sunday – technically Mother’s Day – we just did church and enjoyed a low-key day at home. It was only after laying Russ down late Sunday night that I realized we hadn’t taken a single picture all weekend. Not at the 5k, not on the hike, and certainly not at church for my very first Mother’s Day. But I just opted to watch the little guy sleep. Every day has been Mother’s Day, in a way, since he got there. He’s the Christmas present that I get to open again every single morning. I couldn’t be more blessed to have this little guy.

Edit: Oh, one more little update. All that talk of teething that started way, way back when Russ’s “umbie” stump had just barely shriveled up? Well, it’s finally here. We have a tooth breaking through. And he already bit me while I was nursing him earlier. Tons of fun at the Wilhoit house!

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