Finally a moment to ramble

HA…let’s just be honest here – if you know me at all, you know I always have a moment to ramble. It’s okay, I know you were thinking it.

We’re back in Greenville after an interesting couple of weeks. Jonathan was traveling for two weeks for his job as an information systems auditor. Sounds like a glamorous and exciting world, doesn’t it? I absolutely abhor travel weeks, but we get through it alright. It’s much easier now that the weather is starting to pretty up a bit. At the very least, it helps me keep my teetering sanity to just put on a little mascara, do my hair, put on actual clothes (With zippers! And buttons!), get Russ ready to go, and head downtown for a little stroll. We’ll stop at Falls Park, go to O-Cha for a bubble tea and then walk around for bit, or head down into Cleveland Park. It’s tolerable at least. The nights are a little harder, since I just hate sleeping alone (for the reasons mentioned in the previous post about evil garden gnomes and sleep training…scroll down for more). But anyhow, we got through that first week when he was at an audit in Houston, then he was home for about 32 hours, then it was back out for a week of training. When he left, Russ and I packed up (the dog came along with us) and drove down to my parents’ house in Conway, South Carolina.

Conway is a funny town. If you think you’ve never heard of it, but it sounds familiar, you’re probably remembering it from those creepy Investigation Discovery commercials about an episode of “Buried Secrets, Stolen Voices” that’s set there. It regards a murder that took place when I was seven years old. It was kind of like the entire town went nuts, and so all those true crime shows love to come interview people there. Something about Conway’s picturesque downtown, the syrupy accents that drizzle out of the mouths of the interview subjects, and the generally unassuming nature of it all is like flypaper to those television producers. But anyhow, that’s the town I was born in. Greenville is very much my “hometown” now, but Conway is technically the place where I was born and raised, and believe me when I say that there’s a whole host of conflicting feelings, sentiments, and ideas that I will always associate with it. Which I think is totally normal and okay, and I think a lot of us are like that. It keeps things interesting.

So we were there for a couple of days before heading to my parents’ lake house, an hour and a half away, on Thursday. I wondered a little how Russ would do sleeping both in Conway and at the lake, what with his sleep training stuff going on right in the middle of it all. But he did really well and actually slept all the way through the night every single night that we were there. I literally did not have to get up with him once from at 9:30 pm each night until at least 4:30 or 5 am. To me, that’s “sleeping through the night.” The first night, it sort of threw me for a loop. You know, you wake up at 5 am, boobs swollen to the point that it feels like you’ve stuffed your bra with apples, and start frantically looking around to figure out why the baby hasn’t made a peep. Traditional stuff that we all experience, I guess! By the time that Jonathan met up with us at the lake on Saturday after his last training session, I was so relieved to just have him with us again. I really missed my best friend.

In May, it looks like he’ll get sent out again for another audit. This one will be at least two weeks, if not three. I’m not too excited about three weeks without him, but I guess it’s the price we pay for his promotion and raise this year. There’s so such thing as free lunch, or at least that’s what my high school economics teacher wrote in my senior yearbook that I was thumbing through the other day at my parents’ house. She was definitely right on the money.

So now we’re back and so happy for it. I’m catching up on laundry and catching up on all my pregnant friends. Did I mention that I must know the world’s most fertile people, because WOOOWEEE…every girl I know seems to be pregnant! And here’s the thing about that. This time last year, I was the pregnant girl…and it’s making me wistful and sentimental and a wee bit jealous. That’s right. I think I have baby fever. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Why am I the most insane person on Earth that I have baby fever with a not-quite-seven-month-old in the house. Don’t worry, we’re not going to forgo that whole “waiting til’ he’s three” thing on baby #2, though. I really want to enjoy this fleeting time with Russ just as my only baby – even if that means dealing with a little baby fever for awhile. There will be plenty of time for more babies in the future! Regardless, I am so stinkin’ excited for all my friends who are becoming moms (for the first, second, or even third time in some cases). I just love this time in our lives. It’s so ridiculously special…there is absolutely nothing like it. It’s just great, what else can you say?

So that’s that for now. I’ve got a new project as a paid contract blogger, and that will start up at some point in the immediate future. More on that later…

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