Six months old

Today, my baby boy is six months old! It’s a little overwhelming to consider, but yeah…we’re halfway to his first birthday. I don’t know where it all went – the way I was getting all teary eyed while rocking him to sleep for his nap just a few minutes ago, you’d think I still had all those crazy postpartum hormones still coursing through my veins. I guess I just got a little overwhelmed – for what’s probably just the 8,572nd time since he was born – by the realization that Russ is growing up too fast for me. It could never go slow enough.

There I sat, rocking the little, snoozing bundle of warmth nuzzled up against my chest, remembering how I was sitting in that same rocker just under six months ago. The baby I held was far smaller and just a few days old, and I stared at him and cried because I just couldn’t believe that anything could ever be so beautiful, or that I could be so blessed, or that it was possible to love someone so much. I thought the newness and shock of that would wear off within a few weeks, but it really hasn’t changed that much. Every morning is still kind of like Christmas with this little guy around. This isn’t to say that many of those aren’t also sleepy eyed and groggy mornings…but it’s not that big of a deal. I can sleep when I’m dead, I suppose.

As Russ enters this second half of his first year, I know a lot of changes are on the horizon – teething, more words (right now, it’s pretty much just “mamamamamama” all the time), crawling, WALKING (heaven help me). The changes are going to start coming very quickly. Just this week, Russ has started pushing all the way up with both arms straight and looking around. Actually, I think he spent the entire time that I was in my shower this morning doing that – I had him in his pack n’ play with “Chuggington” on TV, and he was craning his neck to watch it. I came out of the shower and he was just perched there with both arms straight out watching the trains on the screen and chuckling. Ridiculously. Cute. And I know that once he gets mobile, he’s going to be hell on wheels. I mean, that’s any toddler for you, but I am really savoring these last few months of everything being so simple.

We had hit a rough patch last week with solids and the whole three-day-poop-strike, but things seem to be back to some semblance of normal now. We backed off of the solids, completely got rid of rice cereal, and just nursed for a few days. That seemed to “reset” his system pretty well, and then we brought back in the sweet potatoes midday. The purpose of solids at this point isn’t really to get a bunch of calories/nutrients in, anyway – it’s mostly “play time” and learning about new textures and tastes. Russ loves it, though – he’s a bit of a neanderthal about his food, honestly. If I take too long shoveling the baby food in, he grunts at me. And I don’t even try to start nursing him until I’m settled and comfortable, because once I start nursing him, if I try to unlatch him, he gets so angry that it’s kind of hilarious.

I need to start blogging more, but lately, I’m just kind of soaking things up. At some point, there will be more pictures, more video, more to blog about. But I’m just kind of sitting in the middle of this lovely world of mine and enjoying the view for now. And still, trying to figure out how six months have gone by since I became a mom. Crazy…

3 thoughts on “Six months old

  1. Kati, I can't believe how fast she's growing up. Wait…6 months? 3 months? I thought she was born in December, am I going crazy?

    Jessica, thank YOU so much for sharing in the joy – you've been along for the ride pretty much from day 1, ya know? I'm pretty sure you were in the class with us where we met, even, and I distinctly remember walking in and flashing my ring the day I got it. It's crazy to think that was almost six years ago, isn't it?


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