"Down with the Sickness!"

I suppose it’s what I get for haughtily rolling my eyes at Jonathan last weekend as he struggled through another sinus infection. Even the folks that come up with those funny little Dayquil/Nyquil commercials have zeroed in on that phenomenon known affectionately as “The Man Cold.” Let’s face it, men just aggravate a lot of us women when they’re sick. Jonathan is already pretty big on naps – I’ve known this since we were still in college. We’d go home from class and curl up in the extremely tiny room at the house he was renting along with two friends (seriously, the room had to be about 7 ft x 7 ft…MINISCULE), turn on the fan, and just snooze for a glorious hour or so until we either had another class to attend, homework to do, or wanted to go to the gym together. Best sleep ever. But now, things are different. Russ hardly naps during the day, and almost never on a schedule that allows both of us to take a nap alongside him. This means that one of us has to stay up with him – and guess who that is, 99% of the time? Uh, yeah.

I guess fair is fair, and Jonathan is the one who goes to work 40+ hours a week, so I get it that when he’s sick on the weekend, a little extra rest is his prerogative. What I didn’t anticipate last week as I scoffed under my breath and thought to myself “Well, sheesh, my duties with Russ don’t stop when I’m tired and want a nappy poo!!” was that I would very soon be in Jonathan’s shoes. That’s right. The incubus I’m married to passed along the most aggravating and uncomfortable sinus infection ever. To me. Ahhhh, marriage.

I now have probably the worst sore throat I’ve had in several years, sinus drainage that forces me to hawk up gunk and sound really, really unattractive, and this weak, squeaky voice that comes out sounding more like a gargle and less like actual enunciation. It’s pretty lovely. Probably my worst fear, though, is that Russ will get it. Clearly it is contagious, and I can deal with me or Jonathan being sick – I just want my little boy to remain healthy, happy, and smiling.

So that’s what’s going on there. And since I can’t take most sinus meds because they contain ingredients to dry up mucous that can similarly impact a nursing mother’s milk supply, I’ll be using hot decaf tea, coffee, and gargling warm salt water in the meantime to try and get my throat to function halfway. I just hope my immune system can pull out the big guns and blast this crud outta there soon.

In other news, my best friend had her baby this week and boy, is he a cutiiiiiiiie!! His name is Jackson Wyatt King (“Jack”) and he arrived Tuesday morning around 11:15 am. My friend, Jessica (affectionately known as “Jeshca,” though I don’t even remember how she came to be called that by so many of her pals) already had a little boy, Caden, who was born in early 2009. Back in the day, Jessica and I were beach buddies, club dancing divas, high school besties with lockers right beside each other our senior year, and even roomates the last year before she got married to her husband Clay. At the time that they got married, Jessi and Clay had been either talking, dating, or complicatedly “on a break” (those never lasted long) for about seven years. And now, here we both are, living our dreams.

Actually, that was a realization I had that I posted on one of her Facebook photos of the new baby. I said “Do you remember when we were younger and talked about our dreams for the future? Look – they all came true!” As each year passes and we watch our 20s slowly dissipate into a cloud of memories and learning experiences (and look back on our teens with a mixture of amusement, bewilderment, and embarassment), a variety of things chance. We change as women, as mothers and wives, but we also seem to have grown a more mature appreciation for each other. There were times in both our lives where Jessica and I can both admit that we’ve had a “love-hate” relationship. Women’s friendships are nothing if not complicated, after all, and any friendship worth having needs to have a certain healthy amount of complexity. But these days, I really love that she and I have found a grown-up level of respect and appreciation for one another. We do not have to have matching shoes anymore, or matching opinions. We stand on our own and cheer one another on through many of life’s beautiful and amazing experience – foremost among those, the births of our children. I’m just so happy that she and I are still such good friends to this day – the kinds that can go weeks without talking because we’re just so busy, but then pick right back up like we saw each other just yesterday. And now we have the wonderful experience of watching all those daydreams we bonded over back when she and Clay were dating and I was looking for “The One” as they materialize into real life experiences. They aren’t dreams anymore, and we aren’t teenage girls anymore, but boy is life better than we ever thought it would be. Seeing her with not one, but TWO babies makes me think “Wow…we’re really adults now, aren’t we?” It’s a little crazy!

So, even though this week yielded a snotty-nosed and sore-throated me, it also yielded some big blessings for a pal. Always gotta look on the bright side! Now, off to brew some more decaf tea. I’ll beat this crud yet!

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