Fit Pregnancy Interview with Cassandra Forsythe Pribanic!

A few years back, I did some training and nutrition with the help of Cassandra Forsythe Pribanic. Back then, Cass was still in the process of getting her Ph.D. in Exercise Science & Nutrition from the University of Connecticut. We quickly became friends and, despite never having actually met in person, we stay in touch and have both become mothers in the past year. Adding to the unusual set of circumstances under which we met is the fact that both of us had been told that our chances of having children were greatly reduced due to “issues” that it turns out we either didn’t have or didn’t prevent us from conceiving. Suffice it to say, we are two lucky ladies! Back then, Cass knew I had a pretty unhealthy and unsustainable set of issues with m body and my compulsive tendencies regarding exercise and dieting. Now, several years wiser and more mature (and healthier), I’m proud that Cass considered me as a subject for her series of interviews about having a fit and healthy pregnancy. This link will take you to Cass’s website, where you can read my interview and learn more about Cass and the great work she does promoting women’s empowerment, health, and education when it comes to health, fitness, and understanding (and respecting!!) our own bodies. Thanks, Cass!

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