I’ll stop procrastinating in a couple hours

Here it is, December 2oth! Christmas is just days away and I’m…well, almost ready. Almost. I have my baking for my neighbors done, so that’s one big load off my shoulders. I did little containers filled with a comination of four different baked goodies: cranberry-orange mini muffins (I wish I’d glazed them, but didn’t have powdered sugar for a glaze and did not have time to get to the store), chocolate chip cookies, dark fudge brownies (OMNOMNOMNOM), and peanut butter & chocolate cookie bars. I think that everything came out about as well as a newbie mommy could hope for…when you’re trying to bake things in between feedings, changing, and feeble attempts at styling your hair and/or brushing your teeth, you take what you can get.

Later today, we’ll pack up the car, the dog, and the little man and head to Conway for a few days to have Christmas festivites with my family. We’ll be there through the morning of the 24th, at which point we’ll head back home and have our VERY FIRST Christmas morning in our house in Greenville. Technically, this is our 5th Christmas living in Greenville, but we’ve never ever spent Christmas Eve or morning at our house – so hooray for new traditions. When I was pregnant and we decided to do this, I was a bit nostalgic and sad about missing my first ever Christmas morning with my family. But as soon as Russ got here, all that sadness evaporated completely and now I’m just excited to wake up with him and Jonathan in our own house. Also, there are pros to spending the holiday at home…like the fact that I can watch 24 Hours of A Christmas Story all day if I want without my dad turning it to “The Duke” Christmas special. Ugh…I’m sorry, I just don’t get the John Wayne thing. John Wayne movies feel dusty and bleak to me…like I went for a run in a sandstorm and need a shower. Same goes for pretty much all Westerns. I’m just not into Westerns. I watch Sportscenter, I listen to metal, I feel that I’m pretty cool “for a girl” (Jonathan says)…but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Next up on the to-do list…well, I could start by taking a shower. And yes, it is 12:20 pm. That’s actually pretty normal for me. I like to get up in the mornings, feed and change Russ, fix coffee and do laundry, sweep, check e-mail, stuff like that. Besides, if you clean like I do, you work up a sweat and then you just want another shower anyway.

So I have a LOT to do, and not a lot of time to do it, and motivation at this point is at a premium. I’ll update some more tomorrow or the next day from my parents’ house.

Until then, here’s the link to our Vimeo.com page, where you can view some cute videos of Russ, as well as the video taken just moments after Russ was born. No, there are no lady parts shown. Yes, there is some blood and baby goo. They’re pretty personal and wonderful memories, but I actually created this page especially for family and friends, and if you want to check it out, you’re more than welcome. I’ll be updating the page and uploading more video in the coming weeks until I’ve backed up pretty much all our videos (we’ve got over 50 at this point, since only September, but most are just a minute or so in length).


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