Huge overestimation!

Today’s post will be short and sweet, as I’ve yet to take a shower this morning (one of the many joys of stay-at-home-mommyhood is that you can wait until noon to brush your teeth if you want and nobody even notices).

It appears that in my rookieness, I selected a “Going Home” outfit for Russ back in my 18th week of pregnancy, that just happened to be ridiculously huge for the size he was at birth. I suppose I thought I was going to give birth to a full-blown 13-lb. monster baby (no, I really did think that). But I’m happy to report that, despite outgrowing just about everything that he wore in the first 1.5 months of his life, Russ has finally grown INTO his going home ensemble! And amazingly enough, I think he looks even cuter in it now than he would’ve if it had just fit his tiny little body almost 12 weeks ago! I’ll post pics of it under this post later on when I upload them off my camera.

Also, the onesie that my good friend embroidered for me with his initials that he actually did end up wearing home from the hospital still fits Russ. He wore it just last week and the week before! It’s a good stretchy cotton, so it has some nice give to grow with him a little longer than other outfits, but it is also about *thisclose* to being too short for my little basketball-player-in-the-works. But I did enjoy shoving him in it these last few wears, hehe…

I really think this all stems back to the fact that inside, I am quickly becoming my mother, and that means that I cannot stand to pack away a piece of clothing that “might still fit!” I make sure to put Russ in every outfit we have for him, just so that I can say he did wear it at least once, haha.

Tomorrow is Russ’s 12-week birthday, and can I just say, I cannot wait until Wednesdays are just WEDNESDAYS again and not another week notched in my mind. I hope I’m not still counting weeks when he’s 1, 2 years old – though I can totally see myself knowing the number of weeks Russ is aged and just not telling anyone out of embarassment (Awww, today is Russ’s 178-week birthday…).

Off to the showers for mommy!

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