Disbelief strikes again!

This one will be short and sweet, as I have a shower to get – and that is a bit more of a challenge these days.

Russ is officially a two month old baby now, and I’m finding myself struck by how crazy that is. I won’t go into it, because let’s face it – I go into enough in every single post. But seriously…where the heck did the time go?

Lately I’m learning to let go of sweet little outgrown outfits that are now inches too short for my long little guy, and choosing instead to focus on the new crop of adorable outfits still waiting to be tried on from Russ’s closet. Before he was born, I was sure we’d never be able to use all of the clothes he was given at various showers and by various family and friends, and that has turned out to be pretty much true. The minute I realize “Oh, hey, this might fit him now!” and dig the get up out of the closet or dresser, it’s like he’s only got one or two wears to get out of it before it’s also too small. I’ll tell ya one thing, if my next child is a girl, she’d better like puppy dogs – because I’m going to make her wear at least *some* of Russ’s less boyish stuff. Girls can like puppy dogs and tractors, darn it!

That is a funny thought, though – a next child? Wow…give me a second to try and wrap my head around that one! One point of strong consideration lately has been the dreaded “BC”: Birth Control. We don’t want another baby until Russ is at least three years old. For those that don’t know, Becky + Synthetic BC hormones = INSANITY. No, really, put me on any kind of hormonal birth control (be it Nuvaring, the pill, the shot, you name it) and I suddenly transform into this certifiably insane creature that does nothing but wreak havoc and cry uncontrollably. I meant it when I told my doctor (two days post birth, no less) that “I’d rather end up like that crazy Duggar lady with the 42 kids) than ever, EVER be on hormonal birth control again.” His reply? “Well, at least I know somebody will keep me in business.” Ha!

So I’m thinking now about this thing called the Paraguard IUD. It’s like the Mirena thing that they keep hawking on TV (complete with pretty mom who fails miserably at controlling her kids in the grocery store), but completely, 100% hormone-free. I know there are tons of women out there who do fine or even thrive on hormonal birth control, but I really do believe that the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors that work with those in that industry are doing a large portion of the female population a HUGE disservice by denying that there are many women who do not handle birth control well. They try to deny that birth control can cause weight gain, headaches, etc, etc. But let’s face it – there are those of us out there who KNOW that we don’t feel like ourselves on that stuff, and I just don’t believe that can be healthy for everyone. Maybe for some women, it is. But for a lot of women, it can be disastrous. We’re talking blood clots, hair loss, weight gain that is completely out of their control, fatigue, mood swings that border on bipolar disorder, and insulin resistance. For me, every time I went off hormonal BC, it took me years to get a period back. Years. Last time, it was a full year to get my cycles back and another eight months or so for them to regulate down to the standard 28-day cycle. Within just a few months of that, I was pregnant with Russ. I just refuse to do something that I genuinely feel compromises my health and perhaps even my fertility down the road in the future. No thanks.

So that’s my soapbox for the day! Gotta go shower!

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