Changing every day

Russ just hit the 8-week mark on Wednesday, and as I always say – and probably always will – I can hardly believe we’re here already. Roll your eyes at my repetitiveness if you must, but if anything ever deserved repeating, it’s how quickly time passes when you have a child. It’s just crazy.

Jonathan has been gone for almost two weeks now, but today he’ll arrive back on U.S. soil and back in Greenville and the arms of those who love him the most. I was so lucky to have had the ability to leave home and go spend the time that Jonathan was gone with my parents and other family! It really helped pass the time a lot more quickly, and I never felt alone or depressed. It was a far cry from how things felt when Jonathan was traveling a lot during my first and into my second trimester of pregnancy. He was gone at one point for 5 weeks – gone all week and home for two days on the weekend, then right back out. I will admit that I can be a bit of a wuss in that regard…I don’t think I’d ever want to live alone. It’s just not my cup of tea – I’m one of those people that turns on the TV first thing when I get home, not so I can loaf on the couch, but so that I have the sounds of people talking while I’m milling about and doing things around the house. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with silence. I’m a bit uncomfortable with being alone, though. It’s definitely a weakness of mine.

For the past two days, I’ve been back in Greenville and my mom came up to see me and enjoy the absolutely AMAZING fall colors we’re having here. Driving back into Greenville County on I-385 was really wonderful – it just looked like everything was ablaze with fall’s beautiful shades of orange, red, burgundy, yellow, and even a few purples that I spotted. This is truly my favorite season. I wish I could’ve had a fall wedding, but for us, the timing just didn’t work out for that. Not a big deal.

Yesterday, mom and I took Russ out around town to go eat lunch at Olive Garden (yum!), hit Old Navy for shirts on sale, and drive around the northern Greenville/Traveler’s Rest area to take pictures and survey some really gorgeous views of the colors and the mountains. There’s a subdivision up on Paris Mountain called Montebello that has the absolute best views in all of Greenville County, and the houses there are a sight in and of themselves. They’re Tuscan-style homes, most of which are quite large and grand, with beautiful formal gardens, intricate stonework, and bright colors that really make you feel like you’ve traveled into the deep Italian countryside. Mom loved it! We got some beautiful pictures, but God bless those folks if they saw us taking pictures of their houses and wondered what the heck we were doing. We got a few strange looks, I’m pretty sure, but we didn’t really care.

I’m enjoying a new development this past week on the postpartum front – my jeans fit again!! YAY!! Now, I didn’t say they fit exactly the way they did before the baby, haha. Before my pregnancy, my jeans had actually gotten quite loose on me because I was in really great shape, probably the best I’d been in years. Because I’m 5’9″ and tend to have a good amount of muscle on me, I can carry 150+ pounds on my frame and still get into a size 8 pant or a size small shirt at a lot of stores – so right now, at 165-170 pounds or so (I maxed out at 195 on the last day of my pregnancy), I’m fitting in my jeans and not looking too bad for it. I know it’s probably strange that I just throw out numbers like weight without worry, but I really don’t care what people think of me. I’m just not a size 2 or a 110-pound girl, and I never will be – and I’m okay with that, so everyone else should be, too! LOL

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