Peace and quiet…for now

At the moment, Russ is sleeping soundly in his bassinet and let me tell you what…that’s a rare sort of silence. Boo-boo is nearing the six-week mark at which many babies hit a growth spurt, and as seems to be the tradition for my little guy, we’ve begun the spurt a bit earlier than expected. Seems the only thing he seems to have been late for was being born!

Russ is growing so fast, I almost feel like time is being sucked out of the room and I’m getting left behind in this weird continuum where I can’t quite figure out exactly how we got to where we are. Has it really been six weeks? Wasn’t he just born yesterday? Wasn’t I just taking a pregnancy test the day before that? I know I keep saying it, but it’s just incredible how fast time is passing – so much so that I can’t help but reiterate the points I’ve already reiterated ten times before. But really…this time is fleeting. Now I know why everyone told me to brace myself for my entire life to begin moving in warp speed.

This weekend, we took Russ to the lake house for the very first time and it was AWESOME! I’ve actually daydreamed a lot about introducing him to a place that is so special to me, Jonathan, and my family, and it was just as wonderful as I’d imagined – especially when we found out that my brother and his wife and son would be there. Watching my nephew Wes meet his baby cousin was absolutely precious. Wes is only four, but he seemed keenly aware of how to talk to a baby, how to handle them (for the most part), and what babies need as far as food and diapers and all that. Probably the funniest thing was that I breastfed Russ most of the time while sitting on the couch with a receiving blanket draped over the exposed parts – didn’t bother my family, didn’t bother Russ, so it didn’t bother me. But Wes of course got curious and came over to see what was going on.

“Where’s baby Russ?” he asked.
“He’s right here,” I said, pointing at his legs sticking out from the blanket.
“What is he doing?” Wes asked.
“Well, he’s eating,” I replied. Wes then walked right up to the blanket and pulled it up to show Russ’s face! LOL!
“What’s he eating?” he asked me.
“Milk,” I said.
“Milk from your arm?” Wes asked, seemingly puzzled. This is where I forgot how smart little kids are…
“Uh…yeah, kinda…” I trailed off. Wes was onto me!
“I thought milk came from here?” he said, pointing to his chest. I underestimated this little guy!
“Well, yes, it actually does, how’d you know that?” I asked.
“I dunno, I just knew!” he said, before patting Russ’s leg and running off to go play. Totally nonchalant!

I guess I learned a little lesson about breastfeeding from my young nephew. For starters, it’s important to call it what it is and not treat it like it’s some sort of “age appropriate” issue. For another thing, how cool that someone (probably his mommy and daddy) educated Wes about breastfeeding so that he understood the process. Whether by breast or bottle, feeding a little one is never something to cover up or shield others from – yet in this modern world, there seems to be an equal load of stigma attached to both feeding methods for babies. I guess I got sucked into that stupidity for a little bit there with the lame attempt to pull the wool over Wes’s eyes. He sure keeps me on my toes!

Now we’re back home from the weekend away, and getting ready for some changes coming up. For one thing, Jonathan is going on a business trip for a few days and I’ll be taking Russ and the dog and going to stay with my parents. They’re excited to have us, and I’m excited that I won’t be going it alone in Jonathan’s absence. I’m not looking forward to time without Jonathan, but I guess making the best of it is the way to go, and I’m so lucky to have the option to go back home for a little bit.

Tomorrow will be six weeks since he was born, and you know what can’t be too far behind that mark…the follow-up with my own doc. As far as I’m concerned, the largest parts of my postpartum recovery are over and done with. Would I want to feel like that all the time? Uh…no. But honestly, I think women get so used to hearing the horror stories about birth injuries, recovery, bleeding out the wazoo, and having zero sex life for months or years…it’s blown out of proportion. Truth is, the majority of women may have one or two taller hurdles in their own unique postpartum journey, but most women don’t get slammed with every single awful thing all at once. In my experience, expecting the worst and hoping for the best really helped. I was pleasantly surprised with so many parts of my recovery – like the fact that I was actually able to get outside and not only walk, but even run a bit in the weeks following Russ’s birth. Of course, not everything feels like it’s in exactly the same place as before I was pregnant, but that’s life – and he is SO worth it. Jonathan and I got out for a three-mile run while we were at the lake this past weekend, and even though I can’t smoke him like I used to on any runs we went on, we had a great time stopping and talking when I needed a couple of walking breaks towards the end. I feel very, very lucky and blessed to be where I am, and now that the first six weeks are over, I’m ready to find out what adventures and trials await us.

As for me and the little guy, I think it’s time for a nap! Zzzzzzzz…

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