The last week

Well, it’s Monday morning and I’m realizing that this is most likely the last Monday that I’ll be pregnant. My doctor’s office doesn’t let patients go over 41 completed weeks of pregnancy – and that point, for me, comes on Saturday. So it’s pretty likely that I’ll be induced towards the end of this week, if Russ hasn’t arrived on his own yet. On purpose (if I’m being honest), I scheduled my last doctor’s appointment for Thursday afternoon. Given that it is one day difference from when they’d induce labor anyway, I’m going to ask if they’d consider starting the induction Friday morning of this week.

For one thing, I’m extremely uncomfortable and it seems like any kind of movement causes contractions that hurt, but don’t produce any actual labor. For weeks now, I’ve been going into hours-long periods of regular contractions that even get closer together…only to have the activity fizzle for one reason or another. If it were just a few days of this, I’d understand, but I’ve been going through this off and on since about 36-37 weeks of pregnant…so, close to a month now.

For another thing, Jonathan and I both have families scattered across the southeast who are planning to drive in for the birth and to meet Mr. Russ – and starting an induction at the beginning of the weekend would allow those loved ones to take advantage of the weekend. Some will stay with Jonathan’s parents in Greer, while some will stay at a hotel near the hospital. The plan is for most of the visiting to calm down a bit when we are discharged from the hospital and take Russ home (though, admittedly, I know our parents will probably want to accompany us and watch us take the little guy inside the house and all that, and I wouldn’t have it any other way). I imagine we’ll see a lot of close friends and church family throughout the week for periodical visits, but most everyone I know is really great about understanding the immense change that we’re going to be going through in just a few short days, and about allowing us time to take in all that change. I think it will all work out really well.

Finally – and this is a big one – is the issue of Jonathan’s schedule. He’s taking off a week from work after the baby comes, but if we got things started at the end of this week/beginning of the weekend, well…that would give him a full week AND two weekends on either side of it to enjoy getting to know his son, bonding with him, and honing his diaper-changing skills. Though, I have to say, Jonathan got a LOT of practice in the baby department four years ago when my nephew Wesley was born.

I still don’t *want* an induction. That’s really not the issue. But I’ve been on maternity leave for close to two weeks now, am extremely uncomfortable, am not sleeping well, have been dealing with awful back and hip pain, and well…it’s just time to be done. Some people have a real issue with inductions, and that’s perfectly fine. One thing I’ve found is that there is absolutely no way that any two expectant mothers will agree 100% on how they do everything. No. Way. Never. Happen.

But for me, I honestly feel that if there is medical evidence that the placenta begins to deteriorate after 41-42 weeks of pregnancy, then I am all in when it comes to inducing labor. And I understand the risks associated with induction, and that it does put me at a somewhat increased risk for having to have a cesarean (certainly not my first choice). I know it will not be pleasant. I know it will hurt (though, admittedly, I don’t have a good gauge or scale for that type of pain). There’s just not much I can do at this point except deal with it, and honestly, I choose to believe that it will all be fine.

However, I am going to put on my shoes and head out for a walk with the dog at this point. There’s no sense in sitting on the couch all week waiting for an induction to happen when I could be walking and potentially starting up labor. Who knows if it’ll work, but it’s worth continuing to try!

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