And the verdict is…

I’m still pregnant.

Oh yes, I know, you’re probably just as shocked as I was – which is to say not at all. But today’s doctor’s appointment was great and everything looks good. I’ll admit that today has been a little worrisome just because Russ has not been moving as much as his usual hyper little self. He’s still moving “enough” for safety/medical reasons, just not kicking and squirming around as often as I’m used to. This could be attributed to him perhaps settling lower into my pelvis in preparation for labor to begin (ahem…AHEM…FOR LABOR TO BEGIN, Russ! LABOR!).

Today was another visit with the illustrious “Dr. Fishman,” who I have to admit, is really growing on me. I used to say that I didn’ want him or “that other witch from the doctor’s office” to be the doctors on-call the day I went into labor, but now I think I’d be just happy as could be if he was at the hospital the day I delivered. He’s just a little dry in personality, but that’s okay. He actually laughed at a few of my jokes today, so I think we’re probably good to go.

Today’s cervical check (yippee, indeed) didn’t yield much – I’m effacing just great, but not dilating yet. The doctor told me that he actually would prefer a mom who was effacing well rather than dilating but not effacing as much. I guess what that means is…well, it’s much easier to break down a balsa wood door than it is an oak one. That’s about as much as I can draw from the situation, what with my limited knowledge of gynecology and obstetrics. Just because I have the equipment, doesn’t mean it came with an owner’s manual.

The plan is to wait and be patient, walk, pray, poke my belly button in an effort to annoy this kid into trying to find his way out, etc. – until next Saturday night, at which point an induction will probably be started. Now, I say “Saturday night” not necessarily knowing for a fact that I would check into the hospital at that point in time. But in many cases, moms who are being induced are checked into the hospital “the night before” to receive Cervadil to help with effacement/dilation, and then Pitocin is begun sometime later or the following morning. Again, as the doc reminded me several times today, statistical probability is that I will go into labor, on my own, sometime “within the week.” But we’ll see how it all goes.

At this point, I think as long as my little man gets here safe, healthy, and sometime before the end of this millenium, I’ll be absolutely satisfied.

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