Are you there, Contractions? It’s me, Becky…

So, with the “39 Week Plan” in full effect, we might have struck paydirt. My contractions started about 1 hr., 45 min. ago and are coming about every 8-ish minutes. Err, well, I think…I have too much ADD to start timing them at this point because, quite frankly, they just don’t hurt as bad as I think they should for this to be the real thing. I know I will eat those words, and I’m tempting fate PURPOSEFULLY with that statement. Do you hear me, Mother Nature? Just call me the little pregnant masochist, because I am saying “Bring on the pain!”

But still, you gotta wonder when you’re a first time mommy what it will feel like and, more importantly, HOW will you know, when it’s the real deal? Because right now, what I’m feeling is simply period-like cramps, tightening of the abdomen, and backache – all shooting up in intermittent spurts. The back pain wasn’t there prior to the commencement of all the other stuff, either, so I don’t think I hurt myself at the gym or anything like that (and all I did was glide along slowly on the elliptical for about 40 minutes, anyway).

So…I dunno. Hmph. (BIG sigh) I’m so ready to find out what this big labor thing is all about. It’s been a mystical process and one that scared me senseless since, oh, 9th grade or so. It’s time to nix the mystery and uncover this bad boy. I’m ready. I hope this turns into something.

Update: Well, it’s the morning after this post and unfortunately, things fizzled out! I know, I was kinda bummed. I got to where I was having contractions (that came in rising waves, coupled with very uncomfortable back spasms) every 6-7 minutes or so, for over three hours! Jonathan was timing them and everything – it felt kind of like we were almost there, almost getting to the real thing. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking “It has to hurt worse than this.” I also noticed that, though the contractions were coming regularly and getting somewhat closer together, they were not getting stronger or longer-lasting. So, 2 out of 4 isn’t bad…but it also isn’t labor, turns out! *sigh*

I may see about having my doctor’s appointment moved from tomorrow up to this morning. I’d really like to find out if I am dilated any, and possibly see if they can sweep the membranes (and yeah, I’m SO looking forward to that procedure…hmph) to try and move things along. My tummy is so ridiculously low and it feels like it could be “time” at any time now. I’m trying not to be too impatient, but I figure if there are some avenues available to hurry things along and I’m having contractions this much, maybe it will all make sense.

We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Are you there, Contractions? It’s me, Becky…

  1. Thanks! Yeah, a friend of mine who is also expecting has a blog and used this site to personalize her. I LOVED the templates, so I picked a theme from their site, still sticking with Russ's little “blue and brown” theme. I made his daddy check it to verify that it wasn't *too* girly. He said it'd do for now…haha!

    I hope I go into labor soon, too. Just about to post an update from today's doctor's visit…


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