"The 39 Week Plan"

So, here I am, exactly 39 weeks pregnant. My due date is less than a week away now. And the date on which my doctor(s) would have me come in for a scheduled induction (should my little boy decide to go overdue) is less than 14 days away. We are in the final, FINAL stretch.

Everyone keeps telling me “He’ll come when he’s ready,” and I know they are right, but man…I just do not want him to get too big. That is probably my greatest fear. As I told my mother-in-law earlier, “I’d like to be able to go to the bathroom out of the…um…proper holes when this is all over with.” I know that nobody – not myself, not Russ, and not even the doc – has control over that. But let’s be honest: the female body has got to have at least *somewhat* easier a time accommodating the passage of a 39-weeks-gestation infant than it would accommodating the passage of a 41-weeks-gestation infant, right? RIGHT?

Again, I know I’m really just a sitting duck in this situation – and really, my mind has (for self-preservation reasons, I’m sure) somehow avoided going to the places required of it to consider what physical hell I am about to go through. It’s funny, because I’m one of those silly people who is frightened by the idea of death and can become pretty emotional when trying to wrap my head around the fact that death is inevitable. Well, birth is kind of like that, at least for me at this point…this little guy has GOT to come out somehow. But I know that I have no control over that, and that there is no point in worrying about the pain, because the pain is going to come regardless of how I worry.

So, yeah, it would be great for me if Russ arrived sometime this week. And in all honesty, there is a 50/50 chance that he will. He’ll either get here this week or he’ll get here the following week, but with a solid two weeks left in my time being a pregnant woman…it’s just a matter of fate when he will actually make his appearance.

Pregnancy has been such a blessing and such a “faith-building” process. I’ve said that once before, but it really is true! There’s nothing I’ve ever been through in my life that has convinced me more of how helpless we are as humans, of what a fragile process our creation is. During my own pregnancy, I’ve had several friends who either struggled to become pregnant or became pregnant, only to suffer the tragic loss of their babies through miscarriage. It’s incredibly humbling when you sit here with this big, pregnant belly – and, by all indications, a healthy baby – and consider how easily the situations could be reversed or exchanged. The creation of life is truly a miracle.

And at this point, meeting this little guy would be a miracle, because I think he is pretty comfortable in there! So, this week, we have a sort of “39 Week Plan” happening. It all starts today. Now that I’m out of work, I’ll have even more time to focus on this great plan. The weather for this week – though not as wonderfully mild and moderate as these past two days here in Greenville have been (60s this morning when I walked outside! 60s!!) – is looking pretty nice. So there will be walking. There will be walking, walking, and some more walking. Outside, in the mornings at the mall (yes, I am going to become a mall walker this week…laugh if you like), at the gym…anywhere I can waddle my way along to try and get this little guy lower in the pelvis, I will do it!

At current count, I have 2 lbs. of fresh cut pineapple sitting in the fridge, so we’ll try out that old wives tale. I have the recipe for the famous, labor-inducing Eggplant Parmesan served at the well-known Scalini’s Italian Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Even though Atlanta is only about two hours away, I’m not about to travel anywhere that far away from the comforts of home and a close travel radius to Greenville Memorial Hospital. So we’ll try making that sometime this week, also. Scalini’s is said to have HUNDREDS of “Eggplant Babies,” courtesy of some as-yet-unidentified substance in its recipe. We shall see…

Of course there are…um…other things that you can do to supposedly induce labor, and I will say absolutely nothing as to whether that is happening (but assume what you will).

So, bring it on, week 39!!

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