On Leave…Day Two

So I guess the good thing about being on maternity leave earlier than I’d planned is that I now have all this extra time to do things like clean my house, catch up on sleep, put away folded laundry that has been sitting in the basket for…err, nevermind that…and update my blog! Heck, I even made my bed. But don’t get excited for me, because that is and always has been the first thing to go when I have other stuff going on. Actually, my mom would be really proud of me, sitting here on my “Sunday Style” made-up bed. Maybe I should take a pic? For all of you who weren’t raised at 3300 Betty Street in Conway, a Sunday Style bed is a bed that is made in traditional teenager fashion – covers just fluffed and straightened up towards the pillows, with any wayward pieces of sheet sort of haphazardly shoved up under the comforter. I guess Mom thought that “Sunday Style” sounded better than “You Lazy Bum Teenager Style.” Thanks, mom! šŸ™‚ Skills for a lifetime.

Speaking of my amazing parents, my dad is celebrating his 53rd birthday today! Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you! Can’t believe Russ isn’t using this opportunity to add a double-birthday to the family, though. Heck, does he even realize the level of partydom that would result if he was to make his grand debut today, September 2nd? Clearly not, as my uterus is currently as placid as a wastewater drainage pond.

Le Sigh. And this is after walking the last two days, a somewhat stressful Tuesday, and having labor-inducing pressure points worked on yesterday during my last prenatal massage. Not to mention, one of my pals who was due the day after me is currently sitting pretty in a hospital bed at GHS, holding her newborn son – oh man! I’m so excited and happy for her, but – I’ll admit – green with jealousy.

Doesn’t Mother Nature know that we are all supposed to go into labor on or before our due dates, have no stretch marks, have a labor that is dramatic enough for TV but calm enough to prevent the dreaded Husband-Hitting-The-Floor-Mid-Transition event, and spit out a perfect child that looks less like an alien and more like the Gerber Baby? Mother Nature? Hello? Oh, wait…hmph, guess not?

Anyhow, I guess that’s all I’ve got for today. I will say that, while the rest of my house my seem to be housing the final prep processes for the little man who is about to take over every square foot of the place, Russ’s room is ready to go. It is completely spotless, looks like a showplace, and is just waiting for him to get there. I’d imagine that in just another 10-20 days, though, it will be a place that has a slightly more pungent smell and a lot less “zen.” And I’m so ready for that. So, so, SO ready.

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