39 days to go

Well, we’re in the “sub-40” range now, with only 39 days to go until my due date of Sept. 11th. Now, about those “due dates.” For one thing, I think anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you that the darn things are almost completely worthless and really only serve to tell you what developmental markers your baby is *probably* hitting around that time and/or exactly at which point you can expect to be a parent (i.e., he may not come anywhere near his so-called due date, but you can bet your cellulite-riddled hiney that he’ll be here 2 or 3 weeks after, come hell or high water).

But for another thing, Osama bin Laden almost ruined my due date. When my doc computed it as September 11th (not that BabyCenter.com, TheBump.com, WebMD.com, and about 15 other websites hadn’t already told me what the due date was going to be based on my last period), she shrugged and said “Oh, that just sounds so bad…let’s call it Sept. 12th.” Nuh-uh! Nevermind the fact that I’ll probably go 2 years overdue or something like that, or that my son will most likely come out looking ready for his first day of kindergarten (or football camp)…you keep that date at 9/11, lady! Don’t give Osama bin Laden my due date, too!

But see, Sept. 11th WAS the correct date when one considers that I went to bed the night of Dec. 5th, 2009 without a period and woke up sometime in the early morning of December 6th with a mess to clean up. Gotta love those little surprises from “Mother Nature.” Though I think those commercials that have her looking like a vengeful school teacher in a horrific, puke green, tweed suit are a bit off base. The lady that delivers MY monthly bill probably looks somewhat more like that lesbian serial killer that Charlize Theron beefed up to play a few years ago. You know – the role that won her the Oscar. That’s what my “Aunt Flo” looks like – toothless, with a grown-out perm, dirty skin, anger management problems, and a warrant out for her arrest. But, I digress…

So that’s that. 39 days to go. And in those next 39 days, I wish I could say we won’t have anything to check off on our to-do list, but any of you who know me will know that I graduated college with a B.A. in English Lit, but a Master’s in procrastination. But this won’t be like that term paper on Iranian political movements for Dr. Collin that I put off (i.e. forgot) until 3 hours before it was due and then managed to get an A+ on. Not remotely. We’ve still got baby gear to get, car seats to install, house repairs to finish up, and vaccines for the whole family to coordinate (if you have a baby, you need to get the Whooping Cough and flu vaccines, no exceptions!).

So, lots to do! But we’ll get ready (-ish). Is that a word? Ready-ish…

2 thoughts on “39 days to go

  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but it'll all be worth it when he arrives (I'm sure you've heard that a zillion times, but it really is true!).
    I know you can't wait to see this little guy in real life and when you do, your heart will melt.
    Love, Cass in CT


  2. Hey you! It will definitely be worth it, that much I know for sure. How far along were you when you had April, again? It is starting to hit me that he could show up at just about any time in the next few weeks, which is a bit crazy to me! I'm so excited!


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