We’re "edumacated" now

Well, today was our Prepared Childbirth class at Greenville Memorial Hospital, and boy was it a long day! But I genuinely enjoyed the class (and I think Jonathan even liked parts of it, too!) and we met some great people. In particular, we somehow ended up in the same class as a couple who lives just down the street and drives by our house daily (enough that they knew we’ve been replacing the siding this week); we also met a young woman whose husband is currently stationed in Aghanistan. He’s a Marine and he won’t be home until December, but she is due just a day or two after me – we joked that we might run into each other in labor! Talk about a humbling reminder of the sacrifices the men and women in the armed forces make for us each and every day – we live in a truly blessed nation.

The hospital tour was a fun little thing that we did at the end of class, and let me just say…I am NOT in Conway anymore. Not to down on Conway (my hometown), but you just don’t realize how small the hospital there truly is until you move to another (larger) city…I could get LOST in the labor & delivery ward alone, much less the endless halls of postpartum rooms. We saw one brand new baby in the nursery (most babies room in with their mommies, so not as many newborns to go gaga over) while we were touring the L&D ward, also. It was so sweet and wonderful to see that new little life, perhaps only 30 or 40 minutes old, lying there in the bassinet. It was also – let’s be honest here – scary as hell realizing that in maybe just 6 or 7 weeks, I could be pushing out something THAT size…eek!! But clearly, I won’t be the first person to ever do that – there’s some comfort in knowing that.

Yesterday, Jonathan and I hit Babies R’ Us and bought the first of the two car seats we’re going to need before lil’ man gets here. We ended up buying a seat by Safety 1st to go in Jonathan’s car – Safety 1st is a pretty good brand with great reviews that was on sale already. After one of the 20% coupons I’d been holding onto, we got the seat for around $120 – and it was regularly priced at $180 or more! Tomorrow after our breastfeeding class (shorter, only around 2 hours long), Jon’s parents are taking us back to Babies R’ Us to buy the travel system we’ll be using in my car – and yes, I have several coupons for that, too (haha)!

The siding installation is about 75% complete, but it is really looking great. It looks like a whole different house, at least to me. The workers should finish up on Monday, but there’s only a small side of the house left to complete – and a lot of clean up to get rid of all the dust and debris that’s scattered around the house here.

Well, it’s off to the gym for a little bit on the elliptical trainer – after sitting in the classroom all day long, I actually kind of want to move around. Until next time! 🙂

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