10 weeks to go!!

And we’re in the final stretch! Okay, I’m actually not officially “30 weeks pregnant” until Saturday, but whatevs. But we’re heading out for vacation, so I won’t be able to post again until 31 weeks and that just won’t do. Tomorrow after work, it’s off to the lakehouse for a week spent with family, floating in the water, going for long walks in the wilderness preserve, and possibly getting a pedicure with my nieces, mom, and sister-in-law. Also, one of my best friends is going to be coming to take some maternity pictures of me. You know…”maternity pictures,” the ones that girls way more stylish than myself get that look all artsy and pretty. I imagine mine will end up looking like some dorky pregnant chick just *trying* to look artsy and pretty, but I will try just the same.

We’ll also be heading to Charleston for the day at some point in the week to show my nieces around the College of Charleston (a sort-of alma mater of mine, even if it was only for one semester) and hit the market to purchase a few pictures from Tony Winn. I want to look for something with Sepia tones to hang in Russ’s nursery. Winn is a Charleston-based photographer that does really beautiful, reasonably priced work, which he sells at a modest little table in the large market off of Meeting Street. Though I have no idea if he actually does remember us, he always makes me think he does, and that’s a rare quality to find in people these days.

In other news, today was my 29-week doctor’s visit (would’ve been 30 weeks, but they had to move it up because of our vacation plans). It was my last monthly visit – I’ll be heading back in just another two weeks, as the more frequent visits of late pregnancy are now upon us. I had a great talk with Dr. G, one of the better-known physicians in the area who practices with the group I go to. He said I was measuring right on track, totally average – not too big, but certainly not too small (not that I ever really worried about that). He was really excited when he saw (gasp) “natural childbirth” scrawled on my chart. He goes “OH!! A natural childbirth? That is just great!” I sort of squirmed and said “Uh, well…haha…is that what that says? Um…well, I’ll take it one contraction at a time and let you know.” I’m sure there are plenty of women who go in there at 6 weeks and ask for no medication…it’s starting to hit me pretty fierce that I really don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. But I do know that I’ll do it and as long as Russ and I come out okay on the other side, I’ll be happy with that. But it was a great doc’s visit and I gained a healthy 4 lbs. since my last appointment. During the third trimester, a gain of about a pound per week is to be expected, so hopefully I can keep things sane for the last 10 weeks here. But we’ll see…

Until post-vacation, everyone have a great 4th of July and remember exactly what the reason is behind the 4th of July. There are soldiers fighting right now and we need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers always.

Until next time – peace & love! 🙂

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