Crib Day!

Well, yesterday was a day we’ve been looking forward to for awhile now – the big crib installation! We bought our furniture in March to take advantage of a really good deal we came upon, but we picked it up yesterday and cleaned out the few remaining non-baby items that were still lurking in the old 3rd bedroom.
Jonathan did a really great job on the furniture. I helped a bit, where I could, but mostly just kept him company, read instructions, handed him tools when needed, and took pics. The furniture looks great and feels really sturdy – I think we picked a nice little set to start Russ off. Now that I’m seeing the crib in our house (as opposed to a baby furniture sales floor), I think we’ll definitely pick up the adult bed conversion rails pretty soon because the finish is really gorgeous. Looks a bit red in the pics, but it’s just your standard deep cherry finish.

Poor Jonathan, it was 95 degrees yesterday and SO humid – we both worked hard, but he definitely shouldered the bulk of the work.

Here’s the finished changer/dresser. The changer top was a separate piece from the dresser, so we can remove it when Russ is out of diapers, or leave it in place until all our future kids are out of diapers. Given the fact that most of the cussing stemmed from the changer (and not the crib, incredibly enough), I think it’ll probably be the latter of the two options.

I like a man that reads the instructions. Seeeeeeeeexy.

I did help Jon put the crib together in between camera snaps, I promise! The individual side panels weren’t that heavy, so I held them up as he put the thing together.

The finished product!

I’m so glad we picked this set! It really worked out well, especially with the scale of the furniture vs. the size of the nursery. It’s only about a 11 x 11 space, at the most, so we need all the space we can get.
So that was the small – but adventurous – process of turning the 3rd bedroom from “Man Cave” to “Baby Dwelling!” Time is going to fly by these last 98 days (Yep…98 days!), I know, and I’m just so excited for Russ to be here.

2 thoughts on “Crib Day!

  1. Reminds me of one of my favorite crib-assembly stories (are there loads of those out there?). My brother famously put together the crib for his first daughter in the living room of his house, only to learn that it wouldn't fit through the bedroom door. He had to disassemble it, relocate to the bedroom and reassemble — and we've never let him live it down.


  2. Hahahahaha!! Oh, new dads have some of the best baby “war stories.” I made Jon put the crib together IN the nursery just in case something like that happened. Wasn't sure what to expect.


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