Belly Pics Update

Well, it’s about that time again. It was roughly 9 weeks ago that I last posted any belly pics, so I’d say we’re overdue for an update – because this baby is growing! Last time you saw me, at about 16 weeks, this was the tiny little bump I was so excited about.

Well, I knew it would get bigger, but I really expected it to take longer than it did. By about 21 weeks or so, it had become abundantly clear that Little Mr. Russ likes to hang out in the front and likes to hang out LOW (i.e. on my bladder). By now, 25 weeks and some change, he’s maintaining that footing while using the back side of my belly button as a batting cage. I don’t think he’s going to be a small baby, do you? 😉 I’m hazarding a guess of at least 8 lbs. (and that’s if I’m lucky, I’d say), but that’s just a prediction. Really, he could throw just about anything at us. As long as he’s healthy and happy, we’ll figure it out somehow. Here’s the progression over the last few weeks here…

19 weeks and happy to finally know IT’S A BOY!!

21 weeks (with Rocky at my side)

23 weeks and feeling a bit puffy from all the humidity 😦

24 weeks – an aerial view (hehe)

And finally, tonight, 25 weeks and growing fast!

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