Prenatal classes: 1 down, 4 to go

Today was the first of 4 prenatal classes that Jonathan and I are signed up for through Greenville Hospital System. It would’ve been just 3 classes, but today’s Infant CPR class for me had to happen sooner rather than later, as GHS suggests that expecting mothers not take the class during their third trimester. Considering that today’s class was the last one happening before my third trimester begins (in June), and they only had one spot left, Jon and I ended up signed up for separate CPR classes. Such is life.

A funny thing happened as I pulled into the entrance at the hospital – this feeling of warm fuzzies that I have never before associated with hospitals. I patted my tummy and said “Hey buddy, this is where we’re going to be meeting in just a few more months!” The truth is, I’ve never actually seen Greenville Hospital before, but let me say I am deeply impressed. Coming from the land of dinky little Conway Hospital (a wonderful place with great people, but still a very small hospital), GHS strikes me as almost hotel-like. The lobby looks like a mall food court (smells like it, too…yum), and the welcoming atmosphere makes me feel really comfortable, especially when you consider that, ya know, I’m gonna be pushing a watermelon out of a very small tube in one of the cushy rooms there in their labor & delivery wing. In situations like that, well, comfort is much appreciated. I already located the labor & delivery parking lot (Right next to the entrance! Score!), so it’s nice to at least know where to go.

The CPR class itself was great – only $20 per person, and you get 3 hours of friendly and comprehensive instruction, covering adult, child, and infant CPR, rescue breathing technique, and airway blockage/choking aid. The instructor was really nice – though her eye make-up kind of took me off guard at first – and had a very laid back attitude. She knew she was dealing with a room full of preggos, so she wasn’t a nazi about the bathroom breaks, either. Though in a class of 8, you’d think that the conversation would’ve been perhaps *slightly* stimulating during breaks, it was kind of disappointing. People were pretty much keeping to themselves, but I guess that’s just the world we live in these days. It’s just not as common for people to slow down and speak to each other, even at a time as special as when you’re anticipating the arrival of a child. Oh well! :-/

Overall, I feel prepared for when Russ arrives, should he (God forbid) ever need immediate CPR or airway blockage attention. The teacher also covered a few non-specific topics like baby safety. She emphasized keeping nursery air circulating, through the use of fans (ceiling or freestanding), and by avoiding falling asleep with the baby (a big strangulation/suffocation hazard that she said she had unfortunately seen some of her own students experience with their own babies – very sad). She reminded us that NOTHING is supposed to be in the crib with the baby when he or she is sleeping – not even those big, thick bumper pads. The truth is, federal regulations are in place for all cribs, and the current regulations negate the need for bumper pads by making crib slats close enough together that a child really cannot fit their head through the slats. Jonathan and I are considering the “Breathable Baby” mesh bumpers, but we’re not 100% on them yet. Finally – and very importantly – she talked to us about the importance of a properly installed car seat. In other words, install your car seats sooner rather than later, and have your car seat checked to ensure proper installation (visit – it’s worth the time, 98% of car seats assessed are improperly installed!).

So that was class #1! Jonathan’s solo CPR class will be coming up in mid-June, and then our “big show” comes up July 17th and 18th. The 17th will be an all-day baby birthin’ extravaganza (9-4 pm, to be exact…yup, like an entire workday) for our Prepared Childbirth class and hospital tour, and then the 18th will be a 2-hour breastfeeding class. I told Jon to bring a book on the 18th, because if I get to that class and he’s the only dad that showed up (hey, the person that signed me up said that dads come all the time, but I don’t know if I believe that 100%), I’ll let him have a pass on it. Wouldn’t want to make the other moms uncomfortable, anyway.

So that’s what’s going on with the “education” front of this baby journey. Very exciting. I’m 23 weeks along now, and it’s starting to hit me that I’ll be full-term in (get this)…only another 14 weeks. Eeek!!

Until next time, peace & love.


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