A big scare and a HUGE relief

I guess I should’ve learned by now that this little man is going to keep me guessing! We had a big scare this morning, and all I can say after the whole experience is…WOW, I must in love, because I didn’t really know I could freak out to that extent.

Warning: Remember my inaugural blog post where I said there would extensive discussion of bodily functions? This is one of those posts…better vacate the premises if you’re not down for the dirty details. 😉

So today at work, just before the lunch date I had planned with a lady from our new church, I saw blood. On the toilet paper. Big, bright red splotches of blood – the kind that I hadn’t seen since my last period in December. For lack of a better phrasing, I was scared sh**less. My entire world revolves around my two men – Jon and now Russ. And the thought that he might be in danger sent me running out of the bathroom, completely hysterical. Luckily, I have some of the most amazing women in my office, and – Angela, Erin, and Jen, if you’re reading this, thank you gals so much – they really took care of me while I called Jonathan and my doctor’s office.

Our doctor’s office, which has an amazing and fabulous staff that I appreciate so much more each time I see them, fit me right in. Dr. Stamm (not my usual doctor, but one of my favorites that I’ve met as I’ve rotated through the different physicians on my monthly visits) came in with a reassurance that he thought things would be okay. It’s extremely rare for someone as late in the game as I am (22.5 weeks) to have a fetal demise, but he knew I was still scared to death. First things first, he pulled out the doppler to give me some quick comfort in the form of a heartbeat. Sure enough, there was little man (or “baby-man,” as I’ve taken to calling him lately, though I don’t know why), scooted up towards my belly button. He was chugging along at around 145 bpm, and he kept swatting at the Doppler where it was sitting on my tummy.

Imagine the biggest sigh of relief you’ve ever taken: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. That was me, at that moment.

Dr. Stamm explained to me, after a, um, not-so-pleasant exam that the vajayjay (cover your ears, boys) is a pretty complex little tunnel and if there were any spotting whatsoever, he would’ve found it in the exam. Since he didn’t find a speck of blood, that meant I probably had what us preggos unlovingly refer to as an internal…(am I REALLY going to type this?!)…hemorrhoid. Yep, call me Granny and hand me some prune juice, because pregnancy has officially taken over my entire body. *hmph* But the truth is I’d happily accept 20 internal hemorroids if it meant that Russ would be okay.

But still, not the most pleasant thing, and certainly not the most fun topic we’ve ever had to discuss here on the “Baby Makes 3” blog. But you know how that goes…the good with the bad. It could’ve been so much worse, and I continue to be amazed and humbled that God seems to think I’m up to this challenge.

I am now at home resting a bit (and typing this blog for you fine folks) and just kind of enjoying feeling my little boy kick me. The truth is, I feel fine, so I don’t really even feel like I should be home, but the doc wanted me to take it easy for the rest of the day, and skip the workouts (of ALL kinds, if ya know what I mean) until the weekend is over.

So, with that license to sit on my butt for the rest of the day – and the amazingly awesome knowledge that my son is still doing fine in there and is only about 17 weeks away from being in my arms – I’ll bid you guys good day. But thanks for checking in – I promise I’ll update this blog more often. Having the wind knocked out of you for a few minutes can sometimes fill your sails twice as much on the other side. 🙂

Until next time, peace & love.


2 thoughts on “A big scare and a HUGE relief

  1. Becky, I'm so glad everything is ok! I can imagine how scared you must have been. I myself, although not red, have had some brownish spotting 3 times in the last 5 days but the dr's office has assured me that unless it's red and/or accompanied by cramping, that I'm probably A-OK. Still, it worries you! Enjoy the rest of your day :>


  2. Thanks, Kati. We were really relieved to find out that it was just what we've experience thus far – “standard” pregnancy stuff that never quite seems “standard,” haha! It gets really embarassing always calling the poor nurse at our doc's office that does the call-backs, but boy has she been a lifesaver! Jon and I have already decided to send the office flowers and a card of thanks when this is all done, we've been so blessed!


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