Five down…four to go

And yes, I know that pregnancy is technically a bit longer than 9 months, however, I’m going to stay happily in denial for now. 🙂 It is now May, and considering that can only logically leave May, June, July, and August before my September due date will be a mere 11 days away…well, I say we’ve five months down, four to go. Even if pregnancy can actually go to 42 weeks, which would take me through almost the end of September…but there will be no bursting of my bubble this overcast Saturday morning, darn it. Russ and I have already discussed an August 29th (38 weeks) arrival, so I will continue to remain ridiculously optimistic until August 29th has (potentially) come and gone without a sign of Baby Wilhoit. Until then, I’m forging ahead with my happy little illusion.

Russ is kicking a lot as I type that, which I will choose to take as his affirmation that yes, August 29th is still “the date.” Good to know, kid!

We had quite a Monday to start off week #20. I barely got any sleep Sunday night, as my lower abdominals were cramping and my bladder felt completely squeezed all night long. Now, I know both those things are somewhat normal symptoms of pregnancy, but it seemed odd to me that a) they both showed up, simultaneously, on the same night and b) they showed up at all, given that I’m only 20 (now 21) weeks. That “My bladder is hanging out, isn’t it?” feeling lasted most of Monday until the nurse at my Ob’s office asked me to come in Monday late in the afternoon to “check things out.” Well, at first I was convinced that something was wrong – either a bladder infection, or worse? Urine test came back totally normal – which surprised me AND the nurses, considering my symptoms – and so the doc wanted to check me for preterm labor (EEEK!!!). I was pretty scared, but luckily, the doc said my cervix was as high and tight as a Marine’s haircut. Good to know (WHEW!).

But then I had to wonder…what the crap is going on? Why does it feel like I have to pee the minute I head out for a walk or…ya know…MOVE? Why does it feel like this kid is kicking me in my lady parts sometimes? It made no sense…until the doc explained that all of this is totally normal pregnancy stuff, especially considering that Russ seems to be a Low Rider Baby (as in, if he were any lower, he’d be clinging to my leg). Again, not the most comfortable sensation ever, but it comes and goes in its severity – and I’m sure I’d rather have this than the stuck-in-the-ribs, barely-able-to-breathe sensation that I hear about from some of my higher-carrying counterparts.

So that was Monday. The rest of the week went by pretty quickly, and here we are at the weekend, about to head out for (what I hope will be) a nice, long, pee-free walk. The businesses in downtown Greenville and surrounding Cleveland and Falls Park have become somewhat unhospitable to non-customers when it comes to their facilities, so our formerly easy hour-plus walks have recently become a bit laborious for me. I see myself spending a lot more of my workout time inside the gym (a mere minute from the bathroom) as the Summer comes around. What can I say? I think my dear son has just confused my bladder with his own personal Boppy pillow. :-/

Heading into week #21, I find myself with a new sense of humility about pregnancy’s less desirable symptoms. Sure, finally hedging into a B cup bra for the first time IN MY LIFE is pretty fabulous, but there’s a slew of other little twinges to contend with, most of which I thought I had at least another 5-10 weeks of freedom from. I guess you just can’t predict babies, and you sure as heck can’t predict pregnancy.

Until next time, peace & love!

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