Baby Kicks

When I found out I was expecting, one of the things I couldn’t wait to experience was that first big baby kick – I knew it would be a subtle thing, and that I might not even know what it was, or that I’d pass it off as gas bubbles or something else (because believe me, there were plenty of those from weeks 7-12 or so). But Russ surprised me again when I felt that first kick – a swift and easily identified one – at only about 15 weeks. I’d felt “flutters” as early as 13 weeks, but they seemed like isolated incidents. While I’ll never know if those flutters were true movements or just flukes, I can say for sure now that Russ is a mover and a shaker.

It’s just plain strange. In theory, your baby can still be pretty small when they start…yet the movements feel so BIG to you. It definitely drives home the point that there is a person in there (which is, if ya ask me, crazy in and of itself). And those little dances and flutters and punches can really surprise you – like Sunday afternoon. Jon and I were on the way to go eat after church when Russ suddenly began using my bladder for a trampoline (or at least, it felt that way). No kidding: I went from totally normal, looking out the window and chatting, to bolting straight up and going “Oh my GOD, get me to a bathroom now! RUN THE RED LIGHT!!!” I’ve not had an experience like that up to this point in the pregnancy, and it made me chuckle (afterwards, mind you) and imagine all the ridiculous stories I’m going to have to tell by the time that this kid graduates from college. It really is going to be an adventure, and it all starts with one kick.

For now, though, my interaction with this rambunctious little guy is limited to those kicks and flips. As long as a cold iced tea gets him going, a loud song sung gets him dancing, and the deep reverberations of his daddy’s voice make him perk up, we’re just soaking it up. But I have to tell you, I think he can hear my typing, because he is going NUTS over here…crazy kid. *sigh*

Until next time – peace and love


3 thoughts on “Baby Kicks

  1. david was exactly the same, no small flutter, strong hard kicks. just wait till he's a little bigger, you'll just sit there and watch your belly ROLL, it's amazing!!! the thing i miss the most about being pregnant. enjoy.


  2. OMG. It is crazy. It was around 15-16 weeks when my son starting moving and he has never stopped. Strong hard kicks and pushing and shoving. My stomach JUMPS & moves – it's like there is an alien in there – it's the weirdest creepiest but coolest and awesome thing. My husband gets the biggest kick out of it. My son will high 5 me on the side of my belly and I'll high 5 him back. I call his antics “circus mcgurkus.”


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