THE ultrasound

Though I can’t quite believe that it took me two days to finally get on this blog with the big update, I’m here now – better late than never, I guess. Monday morning was the big day, the big answer to the big question that has been looming over us since day 1 of this big journey…boy or girl?

Well, I’m happy to report (whatever, I would’ve been happy with either one) that the answer is:


Yep, that’s right – our baby boy, Russell Clark Wilhoit, will be here in September (well, actually, the last week of August would be just FINE with me…Russ, are you listening?)

It was really an incredible experience, and I was so happy that Jonathan and I were able to share it. It was one of those defining moments in our relationship so far. The stuff you look back on when you’re old and still smile about and remember. Or at least, I can’t imagine forgetting it.

Russ is gorgeous, from we can tell. He’s going to be tall, that’s pretty clear already – he has his daddy’s nose (we got a few 3D pics from our oh-so-sweet ultrasound tech) and, though his butt is currently pretty lacking, I know it’ll fill right in and be quite pinchable by the time he arrives. My only question now, after seeing him is – how the heck can this kid possibly bake until September? If I make it to my due date, he is going to be monstrous, and I really would like to avoid a c-section if possible, so I think I’m going to be somewhat more open to an induction if it is offered. We’ll see what happens on that front, but August should be an interesting month.

And from the looks of it, August could be a slightly breathless month (courtesy of Russ’s tiny feet getting stuck in my ribs)…Russ is 10 inches long already (crown to foot, not crown to rump) at 18 weeks. Maybe this explains why I’ve been feeling him move since 15 or 16 weeks – fairly early for a first baby. Today around 4:30 or so, he all of a sudden got tickled and did a little baby breakdance in my tummy. I felt a few “swooshes” and then five or six strong movements or kicks, in close succession! Then, he kind of shimmied about every few moments, until he calmed back down. I don’t know what got into him, but I giggled the whole time. It was the sweetest thing. I just love being able to talk to him and call him by his name and know…”That’s my baby Russ.”

One of the things I love about Russell’s name is the meaning behind it. Though “Russell” isn’t a family name, “Clark” is both Jon’s middle name and his dad’s, and it was Jonathan’s late grandfather’s first name. Jon’s grandad was someone he really looked up to and has many great memories with. I wish I could’ve met him. Also, the initial “RC” is one shared by myself, my late uncle Rick, and my late grandfather, Richard C. Powell, Sr. So that’s where the name comes from. One thing I want to do for Russ’s nursery is type out one of my grandfather’s poems (something that will be relevant to Russ as he grows up) on some pretty paper, put it in a nice frame, and hang it in his room. I want writing and creativity and history to be something he’s immersed in from a young age, and I can’t think of any poet whose work would be better suited on my son’s walls than that of his great grandfather. It makes me a bit teary thinking about it, but it’s really just a happy sort of teary, I promise!

Anyhow, it’s about my bedtime and there’s not much else to say! I’ve posted some pics below.

I’m the happiest girl alive this week. I just feel so blessed. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I lived in a sort of cautious excitement from week to week. It didn’t seem like it could be real. Stuff like this happened to a lot of people I knew, but not to me – or so I’d talked myself into believing. But Monday, seeing that precious face on the 3D ultrasound screen made me realize that this is really my life and that is really my son.

It is the deepest happiness I’ve ever known.

His tiny face…look at that nose!! That’s his daddy’s nose…:)

It’s a boy!!

His lil’ butt and legs. He has very long legs!!

Short, fat feet – I can’t wait to kiss them!!

3 thoughts on “THE ultrasound

  1. Aww, thanks girl! Yeah, I got teary typing it, but I get teary watching cereal commercials these days, so ya know how that goes, LOL! Thanks for following along and reading my blog!


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