17 weeks and finally feeling like a family again

Well, I’m 17 weeks along now, and things around the Wilhoit house are finally starting to feel normal again. Since the beginning of March, Jonathan has been traveling during the weeks and we’ve only been together on the weekends. In my head, I know that it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as a lot of people I know who have been apart from their loved ones (namely, several military families who have endured separations of a year or more).

But in my heart, it was still difficult to be separated throughout the week and to say hello and goodby in the stretch of a day or two on the weekends. We made the best of it, and now the bulk of his spring travel is finished. The next week or so will be especially fun because we’re heading off to St. Simon’s Island, Georgia for a few days getaway and then we’ll come back the following Monday (April 12th) to finally, we hope, find out if this baby will be named Wren or Russell. I can’t wait to hear the words “boy” or “girl.” I know a lot of people wait and have the big “surprise,” and I think that would be so much fun to do on maybe a later child…but I’m just too much of a planner to not find out. Besides, my family is already practically putting down bets that it’s a girl, as are numerous coworkers, gym buddies, and even Jon himself. Jon says that he “wants a boy, but knows God as too much of a sense of humor not to give us a girl.” Did I mention I wasn’t an easy little girl? Okay, well…bless my mother. She put up with my wildly unkempt and precocious girlhood, only to be smacked with the incredibly headstrong and contrary teenager I eventually became. These days we’re the best of friends, but my poor mother (and father) really persevered through some trying years of my development into an adult, and if this baby is a little girl, I know she’ll have a lot of that spunk and fire and I will get what’s coming to me! Haha!

Last weekend, a good friend of mine had her baby daughter, and it was so cool to read her birth story. I’m not getting my hopes up for a birth like this, but this particular friend had a labor that was very swift and didn’t even register for the first several hours as “labor!” By the time she called her doula, she was probably quite dilated, and by the time she got to the hospital, it was time to push. She got the natural birth she’d wanted, AND the incredibly healthy baby she dreamed of. In fact, her little girl is already almost rolling over, if you can believe that – AT A WEEK OLD! Truly amazing. I should add that this pal stayed very active throughout her pregnancy. Take that, Vicki Iovine! Iovine, by the way, is the author of “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy,” a book that has probably pissed me off more than it has helped me. Iovine has great information to give out, but she’s just a tad bit too pessimistic and very patronizing, neither of which are characteristics that I want coloring my pregnancy experience. Iovine tells readers in the book that she thinks workout out while pregnant is a waste of time because “You’re going to get fat anyway.” Maybe I’m naive, but I just don’t view “pregnant” and “fat” as anywhere near the same thing. But not everyone has to agree with me, and that is the beauty of this experience…it’s MY experience. So, walking, elliptical, and other cardio, lifting light weights, and doing Lotte Berk and some prenatal yoga here and there have been making me very happy without leaving me miserably sore. I feel good! Other than, ya know, all the “stretching” that is going on in my lower abdomen lately. Ouch!

Well, it’s Easter and it’s time for me to go get ready for church. Happy Easter to everyone out there! It’s an incredible day to remember what Christ did for us. I know he sure has been working in my life this year – wow! Until next time, peace & love!


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