Belly Pics!

A little progression of pics for you all to enjoy…starting with the one above, taken from the night or the night after the day that we found out. It only took three positive tests for me to really believe it, haha! Those were some pretty decent abs, too…but it’s okay, I’ll meet up with them again sometime in 2011, maybe. Here’s hoping, anyways…LOL!

And then again at 7 weeks and a few days…my jeans were starting to get a tad uncomfy already…pardon my green undies!

And again, at 10 weeks and some change. I think I was more bloated at 7 weeks than at 10…nobody tells you you can gain 10 lbs. of just WATER in the first trimester. That’s what the books don’t prep you for, haha!

This was the night before I turned 13 weeks. Really starting to feel some pooch…and by “pooch,” I mean that gigantic mountain-size zit above my eyebrow. J/K…

And just last night, at a happy 16 weeks and happily stuffed with steamed oysters. Not a pregnancy craving I ever saw coming!!

More to come over the next 24 weeks. Until next time, peace & love! 🙂

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