I’m not posting to talk about healthcare. (15 weeks, 2 days)

Except to say that, amongst all the questions this newly passed and signed bill might create in your mind or mine, I’m happy to know that if my baby is born with some sort of disease, syndrome, or condition that requires special care…he or she won’t be turned down by my insurance or my husband’s. Call it tunnel vision, but that does give me some comfort.

Now, on to the show, because dammit, it’s MY show! 😀

So, we have this meth house next door.

I know, I wish I could say that I just like to start off jokes with that line, but there actually is a real-life meth house next door to me. It’s been sitting empty since a drug raid in October, with little activity other than a few weeks’ worth of contractors going in and out and disposing of every single piece of furniture, surface, countertop, or cabinet in the house. Literally, everything – including the kitchen sink – was removed from the place.

There’s something really lonely about living next door to the residential equivalent of an empty shell. But more than that, the safety of it bothers me.

Not quite two weeks ago, on a Friday night, my dog began barking incessantly at the back door. After several minutes of this, I went over and looked out the back – just in time to see a hand holding a cell phone (the green-blue screen illuminated things enough for me to make out a hand and some shadows) at the back sliding glass doors of the empty place. Keep in mind that, on the particular night, my husband was not home and I was by myself. So then, of course, I did exactly what the police had instructed me to do and called 911. NOBODY is supposed to be in that house, and given that the locks had been changed already, the owner of the home (it was a rental) later confirmed for me that it did appear I had witnessed the middle of a break-in attempt. I saw the hand, and then I saw a white Honda Accord pulling away. None of it made sense, except to tell me that I have more than just me to be worried about these days. There’s a kid involved now.

I’m not really sure where to go at this point. The owners of the house are older and live in Florida (I wish there was a punchline there, but I’ve got nothin’), so their efficacy is limited at this point. The “manager” of the property has all but stopped doing anything remotely resembling her job (believe me…both she and I, and as of today, her boss and I have had strongly worded arguments over this). So she’s a non-functioning part of the puzzle. And our neighborhood HOA is pretty limited in what they can do. Nothing seems to stick at this point. Except the emptiness of this house. If I can just see this place finished and with a family living in it by August or September, I’ll be so happy and so relieved. I just want to feel safe again. Break-ins next door is not what I had in mind…because next door is just too close to my door.

There’s really no conclusion to this point, just some open space. Here’s hoping I can update you all very soon and tell you that this whole thing is over!

Until next time, peace & love! 🙂

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