12 weeks, 6 days (and almost through the first trimester)…

Today I am 12 weeks, 6 days, and my first trimester is about to end. The belly is definitely present, and it rises and falls just a little less every day!

I’m so excited to finally be about done with this first trimester. For one thing, when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to scream it from the rooftops…and practically did. That got me a few “tsk tsk” remarks from people that felt like I should’ve kept it a secret until I was through the first trimester, because, as they put it, “You just never know what can happen.” Those comments really bothered me.

The idea that something could go terribly wrong and I could lose the baby didn’t just cross my mind here and there – it set up housekeeping and made me crazy on a daily basis! I had to sometimes wonder if the people that said those things were even thinking straight about what those comments could do to the brain of a newly pregnant, scared-shitless, completely anxious woman? I knew there was everything in the world to be afraid of, but everything in the world to celebrate, and so I made the decision around 6 weeks or so that I was going to devote all of my positivity to this pregnancy and that I’d take each day as an individual gift. There was no room for fear.

I’m glad I did it. In the past few weeks, I’ve found a new sense of bravery and freedom in telling people “I’m pregnant,” without allowing myself to pay attention to the occasional “Oh, you’re barely pregnant,” or “You didn’t want to wait longer to tell?” comments. Yes, I wanted to tell – this is the most amazing gift I’ve ever recieved and I want to tell EVERYONE!

And in truth, I was never mad at the people that made the unsuspecting comments…just not on the same page. But even I will admit that it’s nice to finally be in a position where those comments are dying down and people are even saying “Oh, I see a little belly starting!” I know that pregnancy opens you up to a whole new world of unsolicited advice, commentary, and jokes that aren’t always all that appropriate or even helpful – but I’ll deal with those then, I suppose. For now, I feel like I’ve jumped the biggest hurdle in dealing with the negativity. Everything that comes from here on out will be a little bit easier to take on because I grew a new perspective along with this new little person. I’m kind of excited to see the world through brand new eyes.

Until next time – Peace & Love.


2 thoughts on “12 weeks, 6 days (and almost through the first trimester)…

  1. Thanks! It is very hard to keep news like that in, that's for sure. Every day is a gift, and you just have to have faith that things will work out. I know you will do great!


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